Will Triple H’s Net Worth Increase After WWE Salary Hike?

Triple H’s WWE roles have mushroomed since Vince McMahon’s shock retirement in July 2022, but that also meant the former will also see a boost in his net worth.

After the former WWE Chairman and CEO announced his retirement from the promotion this year, the names that replaced him came as no shock. Vince’s daughter, Stephanie McMahon, is now the new president.

However, Stephanie shared the CEO position with the company’s former chairman, Nick Khan. The Game then replaced Vince as the new chief creative officer, and he was subsequently promoted to chief content officer in September.

In the same month of his promotion, it was reported that several executives received raises for their new roles. For Triple H, his previous salary of $730,000 was increased to $900,000. The report also shared that as an on-screen entertainer, he received an additional $1 million in salary.

At 77, it’s time for me to retire. Thanks, WWE Universe. So. Now. Always. Whole. #WWE #grateful

As reported by Celebrity Net Worth, The King of Kings’ current net worth as of December 2022 is $150 million, an increase from his net worth last year which was $148 million.

Triple H wasn’t the only one whose net worth rose after WWE pay raise

The 14-time world champion may have seen a massive pay rise due to his new behind-the-scenes role, but the number of people who received a raise was just as impressive, maybe even more so.

In the same report, Stephanie McMahon’s previous salary of $730,000 was increased to $1.35 million. Nick Khan’s $1.2 million turned into an impressive $1.35 million. Frank A. Riddick III, President and Chief Financial Officer’s previous salary of $850,000 was increased to $950,000.

Just like Triple H, Stephanie also earned an additional $750,000 as an on-screen performer. The four executives also received stock awards. The Game received $1.6 million, while Riddick received $2.4 million. On the other hand, the co-CEOs earned $3.6 million.

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Given their behind-the-scenes roles and on-screen presence, albeit limited in recent years, it’s no wonder Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are currently two of the richest stars on the company’s roster. . From the looks of it, their net worth is only going to increase in the years to come.

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