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Wellsville finishes out year online | News, Sports, Jobs

WELLSVILLE – With the number of COVID-19 on the rise again, Wellsville Village Council held its last meeting of the year online on Zoom.

After the meeting, finance officer Hoi Wah said new mayor Bob Boley and others were concerned about some known cases in the village where people attending or participating in the meeting might become ill just before the meetings. vacation, which led to the decision to go remotely for the reunion.

The Council passed an emergency ordinance strengthening the appropriations and spending needed to complete the bills for 2021.

Council also proceeded to a second reading of an order setting the tariffs for pet burial sites and kennels at Springhill Cemetery.

A resolution was passed directing the mayor to apply for state grant dollars to make improvements to the Wellsville Marina, which would need to be dredged to allow residents to enjoy it with pleasure boats during the months the hottest.

The council also discussed other upcoming projects and grants being considered or sought, including money for the tank project, a fire grant, and a T-mobile grant.

Other improvements were discussed during the meeting, including spending $ 2,000 to repair sidewalk holes near Fourth and Main. The new owner of the last restaurant known as Tonda’s Place has requested that the holes be repaired in the sidewalk where the trees have been removed.

It has been noted that the owner has invested a lot of money and work in the building and plans to reopen it as the new location of Some Place Else at the Paddle Wheel.

In other matters:

– Council approved new paid duty firefighters Jeffrey Cope Jr. and Joshua Cataldo.

–Lt. Marsha Eisenhart reported that the Police Department recently served a search warrant at a Broadview address, confiscating both drugs and firearms.

– The council discussed the possibility of partnering with the arts department of YSU, which would create storefront murals and artwork from tires to improve the village.

The next council meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Tuesday, January 4.

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