Unlimited Pixels, and I Still Can’t Afford Real Estate in the Metaverse | Sept. 28-Oct. 4, 2022

We had message boards, mailing lists, text websites, game environments, websites, interactive websites. Now we see the real estate metaverse. I’m already completely lost and left out in the new metaverse. I am homeless. I can’t move into one of the new mansions because I don’t have that kind of cryptocurrency.

If the Metaverse is going to sell itself to people like me, the designers of the Metaverse are going to have to rethink the whole premise. They will have to design the accessibility.

In a CNN article on the subject, we already talk about stability. The prospect is that new architecture appearing in the metaverse could be torn down to make way for new designs, perhaps within months rather than years.

It reminds me of the experience I had using the IBM mainframe computer at Cornell University in the 1970s. Before there were desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or cell phones, I had an account on a central computer and a priority among users on campus. My priority was 7. I was a graduate student. Undergraduates had priority 8. Priority 7 meant I could run computer programs on the big computer (it was so big you couldn’t see the whole computer when you looked at it through the door) for a period of time measured in microseconds.

Will the metaverse have similar access levels? Will I be able to live in a metaverse property if I go there with dozens of roommates? If I want to swim virtually in the pool, will I have to join a waitlist to pass my five-second limit in the water? Or pay for a higher priority? Will they accept credit cards? PayPal?

There have also been reports of real estate speculators buying metaverse properties in order to flip them. Will hackers find ways to squat vacant virtual homes? The idea sounds crazy. Who really needs a virtual squat? But then, who needs this nonsense? People already pay for this stuff, and they pay a lot.
If the developers of the metaverse really want to bring it to life, they should allow large swaths of metaverse space to be invaded by neighboring swaths and let people pay rent to play soldier games in the virtual war that s then. On both sides.

There should be virtual seats for expeditions to Mars and expeditions to the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.
Speaking of bringing fantasy worlds to life, the Seattle City Council and our Mayor are doing everything they can to get more movies and TV shows shot here.

If you thought there were too many forward swipes….

Here’s a twist to watch: A time may come when Third Avenue between Union and Pike will be swept aside to make way for actors playing homeless people living in tents on that block. You know, to get an authentic “Seattle homelessness” look in a movie without annoying the Screen Actors Guild.

After all, thanks to “Seattle is Dying”, it’s Seattle fame. If you’re looking for a place to film gritty street scenes, we’ve got the city for you. You just have to hire your own actors to play drug addicts.

Do you remember when Sylvester Stallone was involved in a high-speed car chase under the overpass in 1995? I never saw the film, but I remember all the media attention given to the shooting. Next time it will be a high-speed car chase through the new Waterfront Park, past all the condos. They can start in Little Saigon, run to Pioneer Square and end up going through the Sculpture Park and through Myrtle Edwards. Or they could play chicken with a train about to cross Broad Street and end up at the Seattle Center, past the Space Needle and straight through and around the International Fountain.

That would be really good.

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