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Top 10 DIY Robot Kits for Kids to Improve Their Knowledge

by Sayantani Sanyal
April 24, 2022

The robot kits can help beginners and kids explore the field of robotics easily

The future is clearly technology driven and a big part of that technology is robotics. There have been great disputes regarding the role of robots in global industries in the future. Many believe that robots will eventually take over our jobs and leave humans unemployed. This debate is for another day, the focus is on the importance of robots and the productivity with which they can automate business operations for greater efficiency and productivity. The growing popularity of robots in global corporations has even extended to children who want to join the tech industry in the future. The industry is at a critical point where it is facing massive skill shortages. Therefore, schools and colleges started from an early age to teach children about robotics and other related subjects. For kids and teens who aspire to join the tech industry in the future, learning about robotics should be fun, and for that, robot kits would be most useful. With DIY robot kits, kids can create their own robots and explore technology on their own. In this article, we have listed the best DIY robot kits for beginners and kids that will enhance their learning journeys.

Ultimate DIY Makeblock 2.0

This is the ultimate kit that contains everything kids need to build a robot. The metal parts are high quality, sturdy and even lightweight. Kids can build the robots without any guidance, in fact, they don’t even need to have knowledge of wiring or coding. They just need to use Bluetooth connectivity to control the robot via a smartphone or tablet.

SunFounder Crawling Quadruped Robot

The quadruped robot kit is all the parts kids would need to build a quadruped robot and control its wireless remote. It is a robot with four legs, each having three joints driven by servos. The remote control of this kit makes it easy to observe and control the robot from a distance with a few simple sketches that make the robot move forward.

Simple line tracking robotic kit for beginners

This is a self-contained robot kit that will let kids make their own line follower robot. This basic autonomous robot will automatically follow a line without human intervention. The kit comes with 2 IR sensors, robot chassis, DC motors and wheels.

Elegoo UNO R3 Project Smart Robot Car Kit

This is an Arduino compatible robot car kit specially designed for beginners and enthusiasts. The kit comes with a package of 24 modules which is an integrated solution for learning robotics. Some of its modules include infrared remote control obstacle avoidance, mobile control and tracking.

Robo Bit Buggy

The Robo Bit Buggy is one of the simplest kits kids can program on their own. This kit also offers the advantage of introducing children to the use of Python and MicroPython. It has a simple yet elegant design and is fully equipped with line tracking sensors and an 8-element LED bar.

Adeept 5-DOF Robotic Arm Kit for 5 Axis Robotic Arm

The Adeept 5-DOF ARM 5Axis Robot is a perfect robot kit to start the robotics learning journey. The kit comes with a GeekArduino based board, ships and 3 joystick control panels. The package can also be modified and upgraded for future projects.

12 in 1 Solar Robot Kits for Kids

This is one of the most popular robot kits for kids as it allows users to build all styles of robots including a large collection of different types of moving and connecting parts such as mounting plates. mounting, tires and shafts. It also contains the plan of 12 different types of robots.

Solar and wireless remote control car

This is a hybrid remote control car kit that will let kids build a wireless robot car by themselves. The kit includes the instruction manual and circuit diagram which will really help kids and beginners to learn and understand how solar powered robot cars work.

Pololu Zumo Robot v1.2

The Zumo robot from Pololu is a fully assembled and powered robot that comes with an Arduino programmable microcontroller. The robot is small enough to qualify for the Mini Sumo competition. It features two metal micro gears and a bulldozer type blade with a sturdy yet durable design.

Osoyoo robot car starter kit

Osoyoo’s robotic car kit is a DIY kit made on Arduino UNO R3. This is a high quality kit with a wide range of functions and one of the most affordable DIY robot kits on the market. This is a beginner-friendly kit that can be assembled into a WiFi-controlled driving car or battle robot.

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