The best US city to live in is Cambridge, Massachusetts

This month, Niche released its ranking of the best cities to live in America in 2023.

The list ranked 228 cities using data from the US Census, FBI, Bureau of Labor Statistics and CDC in combination with millions of resident reviews.

For the Niche report, cities were defined as urbanized areas with a population of 100,000 or more. They were ranked based on the following factors:

  • affordability
  • local housing market
  • neighborhood diversity
  • local public schools
  • walkability

Top 10 Best US Cities to Live in 2023

  1. Cambridge, Mass.
  2. Arlington, Virginia.
  3. The Woods, Texas
  4. Naperville, Ill.
  5. Columbia, Maryland
  6. Berkeley, California.
  7. Irvine, California.
  8. Ann Arbour, Mich.
  9. Overland Park, Kan.
  10. Bellevue, Wash.

For the first time ever, Cambridge, Massachusetts tops the list.

Niche data analyst Cortland Reed told CNBC Make It that because Cambridge is home to some of the best colleges and universities in the world, including MIT and Harvard, “the city is giving a boost when it comes to business opportunities. employment and access to university facilities”.

The average home value in Cambridge is $899,567, down 3.3% from a year ago, according to Zillow. This explains why the city’s lowest ratings were for important factors such as housing, affordability, and weather.

Like Cambridge, the second city on the list, Arlington, Virginia is home to top universities like Georgetown and George Washington University.

Arlington, Virginia also ranks among the best cities for raising a family and retiring.

Grace Cary | time | Getty Images

Arlington’s strongest factors include its higher education system, public schools, and diversity. The city is also included in Niche’s rankings as one of the best cities to raise a family, the best city for young professionals, and the best city to retire.

The median listing home price in Arlington was $739,000, up 18.3% year-over-year. The median home price sold was $610,000, according to

The Woodlands, Texas rounds out the top three. The Texas city, located about 45 miles north of Houston, also ranked No. 2 in the best cities to raise a family.

The average home value in The Woodlands is $508,239, up 7.1% from last year, according to Zillow.

The Woodlands is an emerging real estate hotspot, taking the top spot on Niche’s list of best towns to buy a home, Reed added.

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