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SUNY staff member wins secretarial honor | News, Sports, Jobs

Kellie Sacilowski admires the Poummit Secretariat Award presented by President Stephen H. Kolison Jr.

Kellie Sacilowski, Administrative Assistant 1 at Rockefeller Arts Center, known for going above and beyond the normal responsibilities and expectations of her job, received the Poummit Secretarial Award at the State University of New York at Fredonia.

Upon nomination, four faculty and staff congratulated Ms Sacilowski for her positive attitude and willingness to help anyone, no matter their department, and for using her considerable problem-solving skills to resolve any issues. . She successfully resolves logistical problems or challenges at Rockefeller.

Adapting well to new technologies, such as FredMart and the new phone system, and happily teaching many of the intricacies of these systems and how to use them to others in his office, are traits that Sacilowski exhibits. When the campus switched to distance learning in 2020, Sacilowski used Google Meetings to keep all staff in touch through regular virtual meetings.

“Kellie quickly recognizes the contributions and milestones of her employees not only within her department, but also in other departments near us.” said Jefferson Westwood, director of Rockefeller Arts Center.

Sacilowski brings an optimistic attitude and a ray of sunshine to activities, helping others focus on the bright side during the coronavirus pandemic or other challenges, Mr Westwood added. She keeps track of everyone’s birthday and anniversary and also organizes impromptu celebrations for members of her department and secretaries of fine arts departments. Sacilowski has the ability to bring the staff together and make visitors feel welcome with his warm, outgoing personality.

“She never has a ‘bad day’ at work – she is always an optimist,” said Doug Osborne-Coy, marketing / public relations assistant at Rockefeller. “It creates a productive working environment. Every season / holiday, she takes the time to decorate the office creatively and appropriately, further enhancing the workspace.

Sacilowski has been very active on the campus Federated State Employees Appeals Committee (SEFA) as co-chair, and has worked diligently to recruit new members when positions become available. She is an active member and treasurer of the Association of Campus Public Service Employees (CSEA) section and has been re-elected several times as treasurer.

Sacilowski started his career at Fredonia as a Keyboard 1 Specialist in Facilities Services in 2014, was promoted to Secretary 1 in the Department of Applied Professional Studies in 2016 and then transferred to Rockefeller.

The Poummit Secretarial Award, created through the Fredonia College Foundation, is presented annually in honor of Janet Marks, former secretary to the President of Fredonia, to honor members of the secretarial staff for their attitude of service, creativity , their ingenuity, their demonstrated teamwork and integrity and leadership.

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