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Sunil Grover Net Worth – Salary per episode, luxury house, expensive cars, shoes

Born on August 3, 1977 in a small town, Mandi Dabwali of Sirsa district, Haryana, Sunil Grover’s journey to stardom without any sponsors in the entertainment industry is nothing short of inspiring. Over the years, we’ve seen him win everyone’s hearts with his comedic timing and acting skills. Not only on TV, but Sunil has proven his acting mettle in movies and even on OTT platforms. His most successful performances were seen in films like Ghajini, Gabbar is back, Baaghi, Bharat, goodbye, and much more. He also amazed everyone with his brilliant performances in critically acclaimed web series, Tandav and Sunflower.

There is no doubt that Sunil Grover is going through one of the most stable phases of his acting career, as he receives many big budget movies and web shows. However, there is one show that has played a huge role in bringing Sunil’s amazing acting skills in front of the whole nation, and that is everyone’s favorite comedy show, Humorous evenings with Kapil. In the show, Sunil played two comedic characters, gutti and Dr Mashoor Gulatiwho are still among the most beloved characters in television history.

It’s amazing to witness the success of Sunil Grover with all the hard work and dedication he has put into his craft over the years and continues to do so. However, while everyone is aware of Sunil Grover’s professional success, not everyone is aware of his lavish lifestyle and untold facts about his life, which will surely surprise you. So, without further ado, let’s get straight to it!

Sunil Grover was discovered by late legendary comedian Jaspal Bhatti

When Sunil Grover was pursuing a master’s degree in theater at Punjab University Chandigarh, he was actively involved in many theater-related events. During one of the events, the late iconic comedian and actor Jaspal Bhatti was invited, and that’s when the latter noticed Sunil. If reports are to be believed, Jaspal had given important career advice and played a major role in bringing Sunil into the film industry. In several of his interviews, Sunil has always admitted that Jaspal Bhatti played a crucial role in his acting journey and was also the first person to see something in him.

Sunil Grover’s first salary as an actor

Currently, Sunil Grover is one of the highest paid comedians in the country. However, do you know anything about his first salary as an actor? Otherwise, it will surely shock you as he was earning Rs. 500 for his role in a play. While working in a theater, he only earned Rs. 500 per play, which was a tough time for him. However, he remained focused on his craft and quickly achieved the success he deserved.

Sunil Grover’s salary per episode

The youngster from Punjab, whose first salary was Rs. 500, is now one of the highest paid television actors in the country. While Sunil Grover’s pay per episode scares everyone a little, it’s pretty hilarious how some people overlook his struggles and question the mammoth sum. The actor charges Rs. 10-12 lakhs per episode, and if reports are to be believed, these figures will only increase in the coming years.

Sunil Grover’s luxury home in Mumbai

Sunil Grover is one of the country’s most famous comedians. However, despite all the popularity, he still prefers to protect his personal space from photographers and the media. The actor rarely shares snippets of his time with his family back home, as he always believes in the mantra of keeping it low. However, according to reports, Sunil Grover lives in a luxurious house in Mumbai. The actor reportedly bought it for a staggering sum of Rs. 2.5 crores. With all the luxury amenities at his disposal, Sunil lives in a luxurious place with his wife, Aarti Grover and their son, Mohan Grover.

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Sunil Grover’s Super Expensive Cars

Apart from acting, Sunil Grover is also deeply in love with cars. We’ve often seen him share videos of himself going for a ride. However, the actor also owns breathtaking cars. The Bharat The actor is the proud owner of a classy BMW5 series, and its price is around Rs. 60,000,000. Another expensive car parked in Sunil Grover’s garage is the BMW7 series, and it costs the actor a large sum of rupees. 1 crore.

Sunil Grover’s madness for high-end shoes

Sunil Grover’s love of expensive things doesn’t stop with expensive cars, as the comedian is also crazy about high-end shoes. From time to time, the actor shares tons of pictures of himself on his social media platforms in which he can be seen showing off his shoes. The most expensive pair of shoes in his exquisite collection is the famous Nike Air Jordan. The price of the shoes is around the whopping sum of Rs. 15,000, which says a lot about Sunil’s love for expensive shoes.

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Ancestral home of Sunil Grover in Sirsa, Haryana

Sunil Grover belongs to the city of Sirsa in Haryana, and the actor has an ancestral home there, where he lived during his childhood. The comedian is the owner of this house. It is reported that the actor visits his former home from time to time to keep his roots intact. However, the exact price of Sunil Grover’s family home is not known, but the house is quite large and is surely worth a lot of money.

Sunil Grover’s net worth

From working in movies, OTT platforms and TV to directing live shows and events, Sunil Grover has multiple sources of income. In addition to this, Sunil Grover also takes part in brand endorsements and charges a large sum of money for the same. Putting together all sources of income and assets, if reports are to be believed, Sunil Grover’s net worth is estimated to be around the whopping sum of Rs. 21 crores.

Aside from reaching new heights in his acting career and earning a lot of money, Sunil Grover’s greatest wealth is the constant love and support he receives from his fans across the country. So, what do you think of his background and his lavish lifestyle? Let us know.

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