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Courtesy photo The Up North 23 restaurant and lounge in Rogers City could add a small boutique hotel if the city establishes a pair of tax relief districts. A public hearing on the matter is scheduled for next month.

ALPENA – Rogers City officials are taking steps to help a new boutique hotel and a downtown housing, meetings and office project come to fruition.

A new 10-room hotel will be connected to the Up North 23 Restaurant and Lounge and the former Huron State Bank – which is currently unused – will be used as office space with living quarters on the upper floor.

The Rogers City Council will hold a public hearing that could add a pair of properties to its tax abatement district and create an obsolete property rehabilitation district. The obsolete real estate district offers tax incentives to developers who develop old and obsolete buildings.

The hearing is scheduled for February 21 at 6 p.m.

Developers cannot seek tax relief from the city until wards are created.

According to City Manager Joe Hefele’s officials report to the council, for developers to be eligible for a state grant, the city must also have skin in the game. He said Rogers City can do this by offering incentives, but the current reduction district must be modified and the new obsolete property district must be established.

Hefele said in his report that the abatement would freeze property tax values ​​on both properties for 15 years.

Mayor Scott McLennan said both projects are well underway and just need a little nudge from the city to get them to the finish line.

“Things are ready to go for the developers, and if things go well, they should start when the weather clears up,” he said. “Things are moving fast.”

McLennan said more accommodations and meeting space are welcome, as are more hotel room options.

McLennan also said there are plans for a new brewery downtown where people can grab a cocktail and grab a bite to eat.

“It would give people another reason to come downtown to have a good time and visit the other businesses,” he said.

McLennan didn’t give many details or a timeline for the brewery.

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