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Remote work – beyond borders

André Bialowons: When I read shortly before Christmas in the Versicherungsmonitor of Herbert Fromme, a German insurance publication, that Allianz allows work abroad, I looked directly at the career page of AGCS and by chance they were looking for a candidate in Cologne with my background. I had long wanted the flexibility of being able to work from anywhere. During a world tour between two jobs in the industrial insurance sector, I met many people who were living this dream and working entirely remotely. It was in 2012 and 2013 and long before the Corona crisis. Since then, I have been interested in alternative work models.

André Bialowons: During my freelance work as a consultant at InsurTech, I tested these models on my own. Once I worked for three weeks in a hostel in Lisbon which offered a special concept of “co-living”. This concept pushes the concept of co-working even further and combines living and working spaces. In this context, co means community, which is why a wide variety of event formats are also part of the concept. It includes everything from an evening in the open field to joint bike rides. You meet people from the most diverse fields and countries. I found this period extremely exciting and inspiring. It gives you new perspectives.

André Bialowons: As a senior multinational customer service technician, I work with people all over the world in different time zones. Basically, I’m responsible for making sure everything goes smoothly with local policies placed internationally that are part of an international insurance program. After working for French and Japanese industrial insurers, I was interested in a job with the market leader in international industrial insurance. The number of international insurance programs alone is incredible.

André Bialowons: In my opinion, daily work across different time zones lends itself well to a higher proportion of remote working. AGCS also has useful tools for this, such as GPS 2.0. In my opinion, the current focus on culture and its overhaul is important. From my experience in the InsurTech world, in addition to a high level of communication, a high level of trust in employees and a serious reorganization of processes and routines are necessary. In other words, in addition to technology, the whole mindset must adapt to changes. In my interviews, I felt that we had thought a lot about these things and that the subjects are also experienced at AGCS! It’s not just lip service. This clearly speaks for AGCS!

André Bialowons: I can now bring my experience and knowledge to AGCS and combine it with my passion for travel. Ways of working (WoW) means I can determine time and place more independently, and also means that maybe one day I will meet another AGCS or Allianz colleague on site overseas .

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