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Township of Butler

Danny R. Felton to Valerie McGrath, home on Slater Road; $94,000


Yankee Holdings LTD at Michelle McCain, home on South West Street; $112,900

Richard E. and Shirley Cain at Thane A. Rochey and Julia A. Dubaj, home on East Friend Street; $130,000

James Krivanek at Ohio Luxury Builders LLC, 0.46 acres on Homestead Drive; $67,000

Valerie Milhoan at Abhijeet Singh Baghel, South Elm Street home; $127,000

East of Liverpool

Andrew and Anna Swickard at Nations Direct Mortgage LLC, home on Wyoming Avenue; $56,200

Secretary of Veterans Affairs of MMM 419 Equitable Group LLC, home on Vine Street; $14,500

Andrea Brletich at MB Riverview LLC, domicile on Riverview Avenue; $13,000

Thomas B. Rice at DB Developer LLC, domiciled on Sophia Street; $5,500

Thomas B. Rice at DB Developer LLC, domicile on Haywood Street; $5,500

Eastern Palestine

John T. Haas at Frank W. Ganoe Jr., home on North Avenue; $181,500

Terry K. and Jeanne C. Constantine to Erika Smith, at Oak Street; $92,500

Township of Elkrun

Mark Shaffer at Warren Andrews mobile home on Bell Road; $30,000

Wesley D. Burt to Brittney Marie Burt, 10,312 acres on State Route 517; $135,000

Linda L. Burkey to Melissa E. and Paul O. Mattern, home on State Road 154; $159,500

Canton of Hanover

Martin J. and Trudy L. Cowie to Carolyn and Patrick Foley, at their home on Charlton Street; $435,000

Township of Knox

Brian L. Huff to Dustin and Regina F. Millikin, home on Winona Road; $132,450

Christopher J. Paterson to Lili M. Steele, home on Hartley Road; $271,989


Zachary J. and Abigail C. Mayrobb at Patrick Kiliany, Columbia Street home; $72,710

Hugo Silwanus at Mark R. and Patricia A. Shields, Somer Street home; $109,000


Heidi Hall to Jay Thompson, at his home on Lincoln Avenue; $60,777

Kathleen L. Mayeur at Wayne A. Morris Jr., home on East Lincoln Way; $164,000

Christopher Daniel Brady at Clifford S. Hutcheson Jr., home on West Pine Street; $95,745

Township of Middleton

Jesus M. and Laura L. Vasquez at Makenna R. Landsberger, home on Pancake Clarkson Road; $135,000

Township of Perry

Scott Bradley Citino at Hugh L. Kells Jr., condo on South Lincoln Avenue; $175,000

John E. and Kathryn M. Larson at Matthew D. Seidel, home on North Lincoln Avenue; $355,000

Danielle A. and Eric T. Sluss to Kevin and Tabitha Roush, at their home on North Lincoln Avenue; $225,600


Kristi L. and Stetson W. Koffel at Medved Real Estate LLC, domicile on East Seventh Street; $30,000

Megan E. Cowdery at Midfirst Bank, home on East Fourth Street; $109,980

PLC Properties LLC to J Dickey Investments LLC, three-family dwelling on Franklin Avenue; $115,060

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC at Herron & Sons LLC, domiciled at East Seventh Street; $40,000

Walter M. and Wilma G. Byron at State and Rose LLC, a small independent retail store on East State Street (formerly Flowers & Gifts by Grace); $153,000

Pamela K. and Timothy Fleischmann at Thomas K. and Michelle L. Scoville Jr., home on West Third Street; $125,000

Township of Sainte-Claire

Michael Frances and Linda A. Petras at Troy Hammerbeck, home on Stagecoach Road; $385,900

Sue Jean Fizer at Andrey Skubiyev, home on Fisher Road; $195,000

Township of Wayne

Phillip A. Gregory to Dawn M. Wilson, 3,421 acres on Steubenville Pike Road; $50,600


Michael T. and Rochell Jenkins at James G. and James P. Foltz, other residential structures on Riverside Avenue; $8,000

West Township

Candace B. Janocko to Joseph and Christina Paxton, mobile home on Lynchburg Road; $190,000

Northstone Properties LLC in Amber Costello, home on State Route 30; $138,000

Yellow Creek Township

John and Linda McCaffrey Living Trust at Rhonda K. Allgood, a three-family dwelling on Oak Ridge Road; $106,000

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