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Podcast tasks and roles are changing, so the Podcast Taxonomy is updating its definitions. | Daily News Podcast

In what is likely a sign of the industry maturing, one of the issues that has driven some podcast studios has been the desire of employees to have a more standardized list of job titles and responsibilities. Adding another layer to this, an industry working group has developed a list of standards for recognizing roles and credits in podcast production.

The latest update from Podcast Taxonomy – the international group working to develop a standard for recognizing roles and credits in podcast production – adds nine new roles and updates 11 others. As the podcast industry grows, Podcast Taxonomy says the move is in response to more job titles emerging in the space. In most cases, these are similar tasks carried out under different job titles.

The nine new job titles that have been added to the Podcast Taxonomy list include Podcast Concept Developer, Talent Manager, Player, Transcriber, Music Supervisor, Booking Coordinator, Community Manager, Marketing Manager and Consultant.

The eleven alternative titles include Podcast Concept Developer (old) and Managing Producer (new), Producer (old) and Podcast Project Manager (new), Host (old) and Co-Host (new), Guest (old) and Guest Host/ Guest Writer (new), Narrator (old) and Imaging Voice (new), Gamer (old) and Game Master (new), Songwriter (old) and Lyricist (new), Marking Manager (old) and Podcast Marketing Coordinator, Podcast Marketer (new) and Assistant (old) and Virtual Assistant (new).

β€œThe industry is now seeing a discrepancy in what constitutes a producer and writer role, depending on whether the podcast is scripted or unscripted. To reflect this change, Podcast Taxonomy has added additional clarifications to these two roles,” a- he said in the ad.

Podcast Taxonomy was hosted in 2020 by Podchaser and Staff Me Up with Squadcast’s Arielle Nissenblatt as Community Manager and has grown to include over 100 international businesses and industry professionals. The organization released the first draft of its white paper at the end of 2020, effectively launching its efforts to set industry standards for professional and creative role descriptions. It is described as a “living breathing document” that is updated with the progress of the movement.

As it evolved, Podcast Taxonomy also announced a new board of directors. These include iVoox CEO Emilio Moreno, Slate Senior Director of Audience Development Amber Smith, QCode VP of Production Sandra Yee Ling, Blk Pod Founder Collective, Ona Oghogho, Pandora Product Manager for Podcasts, William White, and Podchaser Co-Founder and COO, Cole Raven.

Read the full Taxonomy Podcast list of all job titles and descriptions HERE.

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