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PNU’s Apple Developer Academy celebrates its first graduation

RIYADH: The first group of students graduated from the Apple Developer Academy in Riyadh, established last year in collaboration with Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University, Tuwaiq Academy and the Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming and drones.

The all-female program brought together female graduates on Sunday night to celebrate studying the growing economy of iOS apps.

Esther Hare, Senior Director of Worldwide Developer Marketing at Apple, said, “The female graduates of Apple Developer Academy today are creators, designers, coders and entrepreneurs. They have a bright future ahead of them, and we look forward to seeing how they will use their skills and experience to leave their mark on the region and the world.

She added, “Already, many of our graduates here have lined up wonderful jobs as they launch their careers as iOS developers, UX designers, project managers and more. As we expand the program, we plan to reach over 600 women each year with these world-class learning opportunities.

The Academy helps women entrepreneurs and developers start their careers in the app economy.

Over 100 students learned coding, design, marketing, and business skills over the course of nine months, and they are now graduating with the full set of skills required to participate in the iOS app economy. and even start their own business.

“This year, our mission was to fully support the educational ambitions of our learners, wherever they are and at all levels, regardless of age, technical knowledge or background,” said Ohood Al-Nayel, director of the Riyadh Apple Developer Academy.

“From the start, we have been focused on equipping every learner in today’s Apple Developer Academy with relevant real-world knowledge and skills to ensure that the region’s application development environment tomorrow will be exceptional,” added Al-Nayel.

The Academy began offering in-person classroom courses in February. The facility is housed at PNU, which has the largest university campus for women in the world, offering female students access to top-notch amenities including dormitories, athletics facilities and fast connections to Riyadh.

“After my time at the Academy, I am proud to witness my own change and evolution,” said Academy student Samah Bamumin.

In order to connect with companies for career and funding opportunities, the students participated in a job fair before the graduation ceremony.

“It has been an absolute honor to see how the Apple Developer Academy has provided skilled developers, designers and entrepreneurs in the Saudi market,” said Ahmed Dulli, executive director of mobile development at Elm Company, one of the largest leading development companies in the Kingdom that offers personalized services. has created solutions for government and the private sector.

“There is an urgent need for iOS developers in the Kingdom, especially since iOS is the most widely used mobile platform in the country. Therefore, we really appreciate Apple’s efforts to support this.

To help budding business owners, developers, and designers find and create jobs in the booming iOS app economy, Apple has created more than a dozen Apple Developer Academy sites around the world.

Academy graduates go on to start their own businesses, develop and market apps on the App Store, and volunteer in their communities.

Applications are now open to all women in the region. Students do not need to have a PNU login, nor do they need to have a college degree or coding experience.

Commenting on why the Apple Developer Academy is free, Hare said, “We believe that apps for everyone should be made by everyone and we want to make sure that passionate learners have the opportunity to be a part of it. of this program, regardless of their financial capacity. Around the world, we offer this program for free to increase equity, access and opportunity. »

Saudi Investment Minister Khalid Al-Falih said that in a few weeks Apple will launch a special logistics zone at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh to manufacture and export devices to markets in the region.

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