Our take on real estate, inflation, aviation, jobs and more

Dallas-Fort Worth’s economy was once heavily dominated by real estate and finance. Now we are an eclectic assortment of traditional dishes to quirky specialties. If one of them is hit, it’s unlikely to create the kind of chaos we’ve seen in past recessions.

Our team of seasoned reporters were asked to examine a number of factors contributing to North Texas’ economic landscape and see what might be on the horizon.

Can the Dallas-Fort Worth economy hold up in an uncertain world?

We enter the new year with a complex combination of emotions. We are worried about household inflation that has doubled the price of eggs, an overheated real estate market with a case of chills, and a humanitarian crisis on our southern border. And we are diametrically opposed on so many important issues. Yet we have this typically Texas optimistic mindset that everything will be fine.

Will the resilient Dallas-Fort Worth real estate market collapse in 2023?

While experts don’t believe the North Texas market is collapsing, the story is different in other parts of the country.

Will inflation ease its painful grip on consumer prices in 2023?

Two CEOs who position their Walmart and Costco stores as low-cost retailers say some prices are dropping.

Is Texas safe if the rest of the nation goes into recession in 2023?

Many economists predict statewide growth will slow to around 2% next year and unemployment could rise.

Is the booming Dallas-Fort Worth commercial real estate market holding back in 2023?

Dramatic increases in interest rates over the past six months have changed the dynamics of most commercial real estate transactions. As North Texas real estate is expected to outperform the nation next year, industry leaders say there will be fewer sales and project starts.

Can the Texas Job Machine Keep Running During a 2023 Downturn?

Job growth has surged during the pandemic recovery, but 2023 is expected to produce more paltry gains.

Will pilot-led labor disputes become the airline industry’s next big hurdle?

The big four airlines are negotiating with pilots and many with flight attendants as carriers try to take advantage of strong travel demand.

What role will immigrants play in filling job vacancies in Texas next year?

Immigrants founded a quarter of business-backed startups in Dallas-Fort Worth between 2016 and 2020, research shows.

Will the nation’s largest resort cement North Texas as the golf business capital?

The Omni PGA Frisco Resort will open in the spring of 2023 and will attract golf professionals and weekend visitors from across the country.

How could a Kroger-Albertsons merger change the competitive D-FW grocery scene in 2023?

Kroger is trying to buy Albertsons, a recession is looming, food inflation is with us, and HE-B expansion is just beginning. All of this makes for an interesting 2023 in the grocery business.

Will 2023 bring more crypto bankruptcies to weed out “pumps and cheats”?

The head of the Texas Blockchain Council said funding for crypto projects has dried up significantly, and he expects that to continue through 2023.

What do small business owners expect in 2023 after three roller-coaster years?

Despite Inflation and High Interest Rates, SBA Responds to Record Calls on How to Start a Small Business in Early 2023. ‘Nobody Wants to Work for Anyone Anymore,’ Says District Manager of the SBA.

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