OJ Simpson’s $7,000,000 net worth was built on a $1,700 pension from a surprise source

OJ Simpson no longer has too much juice despite a long career in the NFL and stints in show business. Although they originally owned the nickname Juice, due to his initials and middle name, the Buffalo Bills went with the reference to electricity, naming their o-line “The Electric Company”. However, the current reference to “Juice” is to Simpson’s net worth. And that has taken quite a beating over the years.

The majority of the net worth accumulated by the running back over the years has been used to pay off a civil damages action, related to the murder of Ron Goldman in the infamous ‘OJ Simpson Trial’. However, Orenthal gets pension relief from some of his old friends.

OJ Simpson lives off multiple pension sources


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The former NFL player and actor in movies like ‘The Klansman’ was part of the trial surrounding the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. Simpson received the acquittal in the Nicole case. However, a civil lawsuit from the Goldman family cost Juice an estimated $33.5 million in damages, an amount Simpson has not fully paid to date.


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About half a million of the Thirty-Three was paid for through the sale of OJ’s assets and memorabilia. The rest is a bit difficult for the Goldmans to recover due to Simpson’s sources of income today.

OJ, who once had a whopping net worth of $10.8 million in 1992, thanks to his then-record $650,000 5-year contract and lucrative Hertz endorsement, is now down to around $3 million. in the bank today. Simpson earns his current living on an NFL pension of $10,565 a month since 2012. Add to that the $1,700 monthly pension from the Screen Actor’s Guild and a personal pension fund said to be valued at between two and five million dollars. , bringing its valuation to around $7 million.

And the best part about these pension payment sources? The Goldmans cannot touch it because his pension is prohibited in the event of bankruptcy or the payment of a legal judgment.

Simpson allegedly hid money overseas

Despite all the recorded income, Ron Goldman’s family still believe the former San Francisco 49ers running back has some of his wealth hidden off the coast of Cayman. This became even more apparent during OJ’s conviction in a Las Vegas armed robbery case that saw him go to jail for nearly a decade.


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When Simpson and his associates held the victim at gunpoint, secret recording devices captured the victim saying he was shocked to see OJ pointing a gun at him after all the former had done to the NFL star, including setting up his offshore accounts. .


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The plaintiffs have still not found concrete evidence of overseas accounts. And they’ll be looking to extract whatever they can from OJ’s book deals or revenue. But Juice’s pension is absolutely safe.

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