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New positions allow Fredonia to transition | News, Sports, Jobs

OBSERVER Photo by Anthony Dolce Three hires were approved at the Fredonia school board meeting.

Although Greg Lauer from Fredonia was appointed to the post of Deputy Principal at Fredonia Central School, his official start date had to be delayed as Fredonia searched for a new physics teacher. After last week’s meeting, Lauer won’t have to wait any longer.

Effective January 10, Daniel Bittinger will be appointed to a full-time, long-term alternate position, filling the post left vacant by Lauer. Bittinger’s contract will take him until June 24. Bittinger, a Lakeshore graduate, went on to attend Grove City, Pennsylvania and the State University of New York at Fredonia. He is certified in Physics, General Science, Students with Disabilities, Grades 7 to 12; and driver training. He has been teaching for 14 years, most recently at Buffalo City Honors, and has also worked in Chautauqua Lake and Pine Valley.

“When we approved Greg Lauer as a PA, it left a void in the teaching of physics” Fredonia Superintendent Dr Bradley Zilliox said. “There was some concern about who we would be able to attract in the middle of the school year and it couldn’t have worked better with Dan. “

Bittinger said he had heard good things about Lauer and the school district and was delighted to join us. “I can’t wait to take over from him and make the transition as smooth as possible” he said.

In addition to filling their vacant position as a physics teacher, the Fredonia Central School District is also welcoming new faces to their nursing department, although they will also see a member leave. Christin Kingsbury and Cashel Mulkins have been appointed as Registered Professional Nurse, both effective January 3 and will be on board until January 2, 2023.

Kingsbury fills the vacant high school position and currently lives in Fredonia, where his daughter is also attending school. Originally from Germany, Kingsbury graduated as an associate nurse in 2004 and then moved to the United States that year, where she received her BSc in Science and Nursing. She then passed her board exams in 2009. Since 2009, she has held several positions with Kaleida Health in Buffalo.

Zilliox highly appreciated the experience it brings. “She has experience, particularly in emergency care and intensive care”, Zilliox said. “We are impatiently awaiting his arrival on board. “

Mulkins, although hired for the same position as Kingsbury, will be more of a COVID coordinator position, although there is no official civil service position that gives that title. Mulkins has five years of experience working with children for the youth recreation of Silver Creek. Mulkins attended nursing school with the intention of working in a public school. As this is more of a floating position, hiring Mulkins gives Fredonia a lot of flexibility should a nurse run out of time.

“I am very excited to start” she said. “Thank you for the opportunity. I grew up in Silver Creek and currently live in Angola. I have two children of my own and would eventually like to move them here.

Mulkin’s position within the school is yet to be determined, primarily due to the retirement of Fredonia’s nurse Leisa Hellwig. Hellwig’s retreat will take effect on February 7. Although Dr Zilliox admitted there were rumors, his retirement was not something the school had fully planned for. Hellwig had recently been a school nurse in Wheelock and served in the district for nine years.

“She was part of the positive and stimulating environment that has always been present at Wheelock”, says Dr Zilliox. “We appreciate everything she’s done. She was an absolute soldier throughout the pandemic and the work that needed to be done across the district. We thank her for the time she spent here.

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