New book, in-house outsourcing, warns of seismic shift to remote work, overseas staffing and complete disruption of employment standards

LONDON, June 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Outsourcing Accelerator today announced the book launch of Internal outsourcing: how remote work, outsourcing and global employment are changing the world. This long-awaited book is a wake-up call for business at a time when the world is witnessing a sea change in employment standards towards remote, global and offshore solutions.

Outsourcing is the bad boy of business. Blame it for poor quality, unethical wages and inhumane conditions. Yet Apple, Google, and most other Fortune 500 companies are outsourcing — and the industry is growing at breakneck speed.

With soaring wages, staff shortages and the big resignation wreaking havoc on the economy, business owners are turning to offshore recruitment solutions in record numbers.

As companies adjust to remote working solutions and a new post-COVID normal, employers are realizing that offshoring gives them access to a global pool of highly qualified candidates – and they can save 70% on personnel costs.

Global employment means employers can access highly skilled personnel US$500 /month. It’s a game-changing proposition for businesses.

Everyone is talking about remote work, outsourcing, virtual assistants and global employment – ​​but the industry remains mysterious.

“If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors don’t, you’re bankrupt.” Lee Kuan Yew, former Prime Minister of Singapore.

Internal outsourcing explores the evolution of outsourcing and the future of global employment as it shifts from an obscure industry to a default mode of work. This seminal book on modern global outsourcing highlights the 200 billion dollars industry and the seismic shift to remote work, overseas staffing and global employment.


The author of the book, Derek Gallimoreis the leading authority on comprehensive business outsourcing solutions. Derek Gallimore is the founder and CEO of Outsource Accelerator, the global market and consulting leader for business process outsourcing (BPO), offshore staffing, remote and global employment.


Available in Paperback, Kindle (ebook) and Audible (audio) by June 8. Available on Amazon. Full details about the book, as well as additional author information, can be found at:

ISBN: Paperback: 978-1-7396230-0-5 | E-book: 978-1-7396230-1-2 | Audio: 978-1-7396230-2-9

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