You are currently viewing Moeen Ali Net Worth, Salary, Income, Interesting Facts and Endorsements

Moeen Ali Net Worth, Salary, Income, Interesting Facts and Endorsements

According to recent reports, Moeen Ali’s net worth is $8 million which can be converted to 63 Crores when expressed in Indian Rupees.

He has earned money in a variety of ways, some of which include sponsorship deals, his professional gaming career, and various investments. Moeen Ali is a professional cricketer who now plays for Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League.

Moeen Ali was born in England and currently resides there.

Moeen Ali net worth

It is currently considered one of the greatest in the history of the globe. He earns a salary which is consistently ranked among the highest of all professional cricketers in England and Wales combined.

He was awarded the NBC Denis Compton Honor in 2004 and 2005. He struck with his left hand and won the award. Moreover, in 2015 he was awarded the title of Cricketer of the Year.

Ali has announced that he will no longer play Test cricket in September 2021, which has dealt a major blow to the England squad. Moeen Ali is the name of a professional cricketer from England.

In 2021, Moeen Ali is predicted to have a net worth of around $8 million (INR 63 crore).

Net worth in 2022 $8 million
Net worth in Indian Rupees INR 63,000,000,000

Moeen Ali Salary

What You Need To Know About Moeen Ali Net Worth

As a player for Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League, Moeen Ali receives an annual salary of £686,000 (about $70,000,000). This is thanks to the fact that he is one of the highest paid players in the league.

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Moeen Ali has amassed a total of $112.1m in earnings throughout his professional career (equivalent to £12.5m). He was born in the English nation and his right arm is used for breaks.

He is an English cricketer who bats from the left side. On the list of highest earning players in the Indian Premier League, he is currently at the 148th position.

Monthly income and salary INR 7 crores
Annual revenue $3 million
IPL salary in rupees Rs. 8 crores

Moeen Ali endorsement

The reigning Indian Premier League champions set a new record for the amount of money they spent at auction the following year when they paid an incredible seven crore Indian rupees to secure the services of an Englishman. versatile.

On top of that, he is able to maintain a good lifestyle thanks to playing Twenty20 events all over the world for a number of different franchises and earning match money from his local teams and national.

Moeen Ali has entered into a collaboration with the famous sporting goods manufacturer SS Ton, and as a result, SS Ton will be responsible for supplying Moeen Ali with all of its professional equipment.

Ali doesn’t endorse any of the companies that make alcoholic beverages, so he doesn’t want any brand affiliated with those companies placed on his shirt.

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Interesting facts about Moeen Ali

What You Need To Know About Moeen Ali Net Worth

1. Ali, born Moeen Munir Ali OBE (18 June 1987), is an English cricketer who now plays for England in limited overs cricket and previously played for the Test team.

Prior to his current role as a Worcestershire cricketer, he was a member of the Warwickshire Twenty20 team and played in the Indian Premier League for Royal Challengers Bangalore and Chennai Super Kings.

2. It was in Birmingham that Ali was born. Because his grandfather came to England from Mirpur, Kashmir, and his grandmother, Betty Cox, was a white Briton, he has Pakistani and English ancestry.

The two languages ​​he speaks are Punjabi and Urdu. While playing for Worcestershire he became known as “the dreaded beard”.

3. Apart from being a taxi driver, Ali’s father also worked as a psychiatric nurse. In addition to his cousin Kabir Ali, Naqash Tahir and Rawat Khan, he grew up in the same neighborhood.

He has two additional cricketing brothers, Kadeer and Omar. Ali is a long-time Liverpool FC fan and football enthusiast.

4. In the early years of Firoza’s (Moeen Ali’s wife) life, her family moved from Bangladesh to England. We don’t know exactly how Moeen and Firoza got to know each other, but rumors say they met in Bangladesh.

To our knowledge, she has no professional career or social media presence. Abu Bakr Ali is the name of the couple’s child, born after their marriage.

Moeen Ali, the all-rounder, is often accompanied by Firoza and Abu Bakr on his international trips. Because the couple are clearly in love, we hope they will be together for the rest of their lives.

5. In his garage, the Englishman kept among other things a BMW 730 LD (from Rs. 1.40 crore). However, we do not know where Moeen Ali lived. The all-rounder resides in Birmingham, according to our sources.

But other than that, little is known about his refuge. When we have confirmation from a reliable source, we will make the necessary changes to this section.

6. In 2014, on the second day of the third test match against India, Moeen Ali showed his solidarity with those affected by the Gaza issue by wearing a bracelet that read “Save Gaza”, which was loved by all. His fans.

The code of the International Criminal Court (ICC) prohibits any action or cause of a political, religious or racial nature. A representative of the European Central Bank said the ECB does not believe Moeen broke any rules with his “humanitarian, not political” view.

seven. The ECB’s decision to let Moeen wear the wristbands was overturned by referee David Boon, who was in charge of the match.

A Bangladeshi novelist by the name of Taslima Nasreen suggested in a tweet that Moeen Ali had not played cricket, would have joined a terrorist organization.

In response to this, the entire cricketing community came together in support of the English all-rounder, and it didn’t go too well.

8. As a result, she deleted the tweet and posted a new one in its place, in which she claimed the first was satirical and had been manipulated to “humiliate” her.

9. Ali is an ambassador for the StreetChance initiative, which is jointly run by the Cricket Foundation and Barclays Spaces for Sports.

This program provides disadvantaged areas of the UK with access to free weekly cricket training. In January 2015, he was given the role of global brand ambassador for the charity Orphans in Need and began wearing the organization’s logo on the bat he used.

In 2015, Ali was one of the finalists for the Best at Sport award from the British Muslim Awards. Ali has been recognized in the 2022 Birthday Honors with the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his significant services to the sport of cricket.

Real name Moeen Mounir Ali
Occupation Cricketer
Age 37 years
Date of Birth June 18, 1987

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the name of Moeen Ali’s child?

Abu Bakr Ali is the name of her child.

2. Does Moeen Ali still play cricket?

Yes, he is actively involved in cricket for his country and respective franchise teams.

3. Who did Moeen Ali make his England debut against?

On 28 February 2014, he made his ODI debut against West Indies.

4. What is Moeen Ali’s current address?

He is said to reside in Birmingham, England at the time of this writing.

5. What is Moeen Ali’s greatest achievement?

Moeen Ali’s greatest achievement to date was leading England to victory at the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup in Australia.

6. Who is Moeen Ali married to?

Firoza Hossain is the wife of Moeen Ali.

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