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Lightning’s Hedman helps the Humane Society

TAMPA, Florida. There are dream jobs. And then there’s the work of Sherry Silk.

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  • Sherry Silk, CEO of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, said she’s been inundated with families who have had to give up their pets for a variety of reasons.
  • Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Victor Hedman has been helping the Humane Society since 2014 and it has helped raise awareness of the shelter’s work.
  • Hedman has also created an online auction to benefit the shelter

The CEO of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay spends her days surrounded by animals. Surrounded by unconditional love.

“It’s the best,” Silk said. “You feel like you are making such a difference in the life of this particular animal. So I feel very lucky.

Fortune favors the brave. And that favors individuals who take care of those who cannot take care of themselves.

Last year, the Humane Society of Tampa Bay helped more than 13,000 of their animals find forever homes. But the current state of the economy has caused their shelter to fill up again. Sherry said she was inundated with families who had to give up their pets for various reasons.

Because the Humane Society of Tampa Bay is a murder-free shelter, this strains their resources. But they have a lot of support.

“We do a great job and the Tampa Bay community comes and adopts animals, so we’re very lucky,” Silk said.

The Humane Society relies on the kindness of strangers. And someone is no stranger to Tampa Bay Lightning fans, Victor Hedman.

“He’s been helping us since 2014 and it’s just raised awareness of the work we’re doing here,” Silk said. “He’s an amazing person because he really means it. And he really, really loves animals.

Victor recently lent his support to PSA for the Humane Society. And he also ran an online auction to raise funds and awareness. Animals just have a special place in his heart.

“They are looking for a second chance, the puppies and the animals,” he said. “And it’s just unconditional love, like you said.” When you bring them home to a forever home, they will always be there by your side.

Victor knows this from experience. His French bulldog Harry is almost as famous as he is. And is usually at his side.

“He just shines. So happy, everyday,” Hedman said. “You know, he’s just happy to see you. Have a bad game, you know, have a bad day, he’s always there for you.

This is what he wants for others. And why he took the time, during a busy hockey season where the Lightning are vying for the third consecutive Stanley Cup, to record a public service video for the Humane Society. One of the toughest guys in the sport is a softie when it comes to animals. His message for the Humane Society, even the tough guys need love.

Sherry has two badass at the shelter who need love. And she hopes that with the help of Victor Hedman, these animals will find a forever home.

Thanks to her help, Victor will always have a home at the Humane Society.

“He’s the real deal,” she said. “I always tell people that hockey players are the best, that’s just my opinion. And he’s one of the best. There is no doubt about that. He is our hero here at the Humane Society.

To participate in Victor Hedman’s online auction to benefit the Humane Society, click here.

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