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Leading Real Estate Virtual Assistant Service Companies — RISMedia

Across North America, real estate professionals are turning to the services of virtual assistants. A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a skilled employee who performs many different administrative tasks for you from home. As a bonus, your VA will also be able to handle customer calls that previously would have taken hours on the phone or in person. You will find that if your business is growing rapidly, having a VA can significantly increase the productivity of real estate activities.

With the advent of new technologies, it is easier than ever to make great strides in the real estate market, provided you use the right systems effectively. To help you continue your journey with real estate, we’ve compiled a list of the top three real estate virtual assistant services. Each of these companies provides excellent, knowledgeable AV services to real estate agents and other professionals looking to grow their business. The best part is that you can use AVs in different ways to improve your business and stay ahead of the competition!


MyOutDesk is one of the top rated companies for real estate virtual assistant services, mostly known as one of the oldest virtual assistant service companies with the most profitable deals. Honing their craft since 2008, the company is made up of a team of dedicated and talented VAs who work with real estate agents, brokers and business owners to provide them with qualified support for all kinds of different tasks, including prospecting, inside sales, marketing. and administrative roles.

MyOutDesk has made sure to cover all possible areas so that you are guaranteed to get your hands on a VA that can cover everything you need. MyOutDesk is ranked #1 virtual assistant service by TechRadar and Analytics Insight, serving over 6,000 customers, including most of the top 10 RISMedia Power Broker teams.


Taking the popular concept of micro-tasks to a whole new level, Fiverr has created a marketplace where users can hire other people for small jobs that will cost $5 in total. Specializing in small projects and tasks, Fiverr offers custom solutions for every task. Many business owners use these services because outsourcing is affordable and convenient when you need help with something minor that you would otherwise avoid doing. For real estate agents who don’t have a huge budget but need help with administrative tasks or simple marketing goals like writing titles for blog posts, Fiverr is a great choice.


TaskBullet is a unique service that offers a streamlined way to find VA services based on your needs, TaskBullet also offers an easy to use interface and a ton of different options for real estate virtual assistant services. TaskBullet is a great solution if you’re looking for someone to help you with your marketing or administrative tasks. They offer some of the best customer service in the industry and will work with real estate professionals to ensure your VA meets your expectations.

Key points to remember

Keep in mind that one of the biggest benefits of having a VA working in your business is that, for a small fraction of the cost typically associated with an employee, full-time VAs are adept at handling business tasks. If you need an assistant to help you with your business, a virtual assistant can be a great choice.

For more information, visit MyOutDesk.

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