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Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti Net Worth Compared – Who is Richer?

Jordan Peele and his wife Chelsea Peretti may be one of Hollywood’s quietest couples, but they’re rocking things in comedy circles. The duo have worked hard to achieve what they currently have and put together, their joint net worth becomes astronomical. But which comedian has the higher net worth, Peele or his wife Peretti?

Who is richer: Jordan Peele or Chelsea Peretti?

Peele shot to fame in the early 2000s with the comedy sketch series mad tv. After leaving the show, he and his writing partner and mad tv castmate Key teamed up to create Comedy Central’s hilarious show Key and Peele which involves the two creating sketches and videos of impersonations and other characters.

The show went viral and became a hit propelling the two comedians to stardom. Peele’s ‘breakthrough’ came when he wrote and directed the horror film Get out. The film received positive reception and did well at the box office, even earning Peele an Oscar and making history in the process.

With all his success, Celebrity Net Worth proves the brilliant comedian isn’t short on cash as the site estimates him to be worth $50 million.

Peretti is also doing well with a net worth of $20 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Peretti is famous for portraying Gina Linetti on Brooklyn nine-nine but has also appeared in several productions including Old girl and expressing a character in Sing 2.

How does Jordan Peele’s net worth compare to his ‘Key & Peele’ partner?

Key has been more involved in acting than his longtime friend and collaborator, Peele. He’s had a lot of TV work appearing in Parks and Recreation, Reno 911, and also voice characters in Hotel Transylvania, by Disney The Lion King, and Toy story 4.


The actor went through a tough divorce a while ago that nearly left him penniless, but he’s been able to make more money since then. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Key is worth $12 million. His ex-wife gets 31% of his gross income on earnings over $2.1 million.

Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti had a secret wedding and a baby

Peele and Peretti’s romance began in 2013 when, according to the comedian, the pair met on Twitter. Peele was “additional to a web series” that Peretti had been doing at the time and they got to talking. Not much was known about Peretti and Peele’s love life, but in 2015 the couple announced on Twitter that they had gotten engaged.

The duo coordinated their announcements with Peretti referring to Peele as “My fiance.” Peele didn’t have much to say in his announcement other than a ring and Peretti’s branding. Less than a year after announcing they were engaged, Peele and Peretti got married without telling anyone.

US Magazine noted that the news became public information when the Brooklyn nine-nine The star shared a photo with her millions of Instagram followers of her dog in a beach shirt sitting next to a ring and a bouquet of flowers.

The caption stated that the comedians ran away and only brought their dog for the wedding. There are hints they might have gotten married earlier before the post, as Peele once ‘joked’ about it in an interview on the Late Night with Seth Meyers To display.

Peele, who sat in on the interview with longtime collaborator Keegan-Michael Key, said, “I’m married to Chelsea Peretti.” Peele and Peretti then welcomed a baby less than a year after announcing they were husband and wife.

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