Jan 10 – OPINION: Michael J. Hicks: Remote work is Indiana’s biggest opportunity and biggest risk | Columnists

Indiana is at the beginning of a labor market restructuring that offers a unique opportunity and risk in a century. Normally, the government plays a modest role in these types of changes. But, in the post-pandemic world, the quality of places will largely depend on how quickly and effectively states and local governments adapt. There’s both good and bad news for Hoosier policymakers, but first, some basic facts.

As of January 2020, perhaps 140,000 Hoosiers were working from home. These included remote workers and people engaged in home production, such as crafts. Today, that number is about 1.04 million, or roughly one in three Hoosier workers. Of these, 548,000 work from home full-time.

Michael J. Hicks, Ph.D., is director of the Center for Business and Economic Research and the George and Frances Ball Distinguished Professor of Economics at Ball State University’s Miller College of Business. Contact him at cberdirector@bsu.edu.

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