Inside TOWIE’s Liam ‘Gatsby’ Blackwell’s New Life in Los Angeles, From Real Estate Job to Hollywood Apartment

Former The Only Way Is Essex star Liam ‘Gatsby’ Blackwell has built a new life for himself in Los Angeles.

In March, after months of planning his move, he announced on Instagram that he would be moving to the United States.

In a lengthy post, he described how he gave up “my career, my house, my car, my career” to be with his family in the United States.

A host of Gatsby’s Essex pals commented on his post to wish him well, while Tommy Mallet replied: All the best bro! See you there,” while Georgia Kousoulou said, “Good luck gats.”

Here is a glimpse of his new life across the Atlantic…

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In March, Gatsby announced his move. Sharing a photo with all his luggage at the airport, he wrote: “Today the day I move to LA (finally) I was supposed to move a few months ago but I had a lot to sort out and to be honest i had to completely get my head wrapped up in the fact that i am moving permanently i gave up my career, my house, my car, my country among other things and all for one thing – my family I can’t lie I’m scared I’m nervous and excited all at the same time I’m going to start a new real estate business from scratch in a country where I don’t really know anyone but that’s where life took me in. I’m ready for the next chapter because I feel like there’s nothing left here for me. I just want to say thank you to everyone who’s been there for me over the years. years and I will miss you! Thank you also to all my followers who have supported me and watched me grow and come to this moment in my life. I am thrilled to share my new journey with you all!

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Shortly after, he shared that he was moving into his dream home on Sunset Boulevard. He wrote: “I have the keys to my new place in my dream location and I’m only a 30 minute drive from mum and the rest of my family which is the main thing. It’s taken a long time to get to this point and for once I feel proud of myself. I now live on the famous Sunset Strip in West Hollywood.”

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He added: “I feel so grateful and relieved that the move is almost complete as it has been a stressful time. now is the time to sort out the furniture and sort out my real estate career. A big thank you to everyone who supported me and this is just the start of my new journey.”

Shortly after, he celebrated the purchase of a fancy new car. Sharing a photo with his 492,000 Instagram followers, he said, “new chapter. new beginnings. new everything.”

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In a selfie taken from a sun lounger, Liam said he felt he was where he needed to be, writing: “Everything happens for a reason. Everything has led me to this point in my life. I’m ready .”

Another selfie showed the TOWIE star in costume and booted up for work. He said: “I started my first week in my new career. I follow my new mentor daily who is a very successful real estate agent based in Beverly Hills. I’m learning the business from scratch and learning the ins and outs of the business.”

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He added, “My first week I was taught how to win leads through cold calling and shown how to submit offers. I was generally watching and listening as the office received calls. of potential sellers and buyers.

“Today I’m going with my mentor on a few property tours in Beverly Hills to see how these are done. After that I’ll start cold calling random people and most likely run the phone on me after being told F off. delighted to be back head first with my new career in real estate!”

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gatsby left the hit reality show ITVBe in 2022 after seven years. He took to Instagram to announce he would not be returning, writing: “Gatsby wrote: “After 7 years I have decided to leave TOWIE and leave Essex permanently, to start a new life in Los Angeles.

“There were many different factors in my decision, but the main ones are that I’m ready for this next chapter in my life and I can’t wait to start an exciting new career in real estate.

“TOWIE has been an important part of my life and I’m sad to be leaving, but I’m also extremely grateful for every moment. I’ve had ups and downs and ups and downs over the years, but those times , as difficult as they are, have defined me and made me the person I am today.”

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