Industry Experts Reveal the Most In-Demand Jobs in Mining

PERTH, Australia, Jan. 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Australia’s mining industry is one of the most expansive sectors in the country and involves a wide range of expertise in a variety of fields. More than just miners, the mining industry has manager jobs, tech jobs and more in spades. Techforce, Australia’s leading labor hire company, reveals the three most in-demand jobs in the mining industry.

Just like most other industries, mining is increasingly adopting advanced technologies to improve its operations. Thus, mining companies are looking for experienced people to fill high-tech positions such as engineers, geologists and project managers. Mining’s famous two-week-on-two-week-off model appeals to many candidates, and roles usually come with extremely competitive pay. The industry offers an exciting change for many in the tech industry, especially those looking for a change of scenery.

Techforce explains that alongside the increase in the supply of technology jobs in Australia, there is an increase in searches for mining engineer positions. Mining engineers help design mining equipment, research potential mine locations, and ensure materials are mined efficiently and safely. Working closely with mining engineers, they are responsible for technical services, which Techforce says are also frequently in-demand jobs. Technical Services Managers lead engineers in the development of mining projects, ensuring that everyone adheres to regulations, guidelines and safety measures while enforcing company policy and procedures.

According to Techforce, some people are looking to get their hands a little dirty, as evidenced by the increase in searches for mining geologist jobs. A mining geologist works to evaluate geological data, locate new mineral resources for mining projects, and analyze the environmental impact of extracting materials from the ground.

There is no shortage of skilled jobs in the mining industry as the sector grows and expands. To learn more about the roles available to project managers at FIFO Manager Jobs Perth in Queensland, contact Techforce today.

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