You are currently viewing IKEA Canada is hiring across the country right now and there are so many employee benefits

IKEA Canada is hiring across the country right now and there are so many employee benefits

For those looking for a job in Canada, you might get lucky at your local IKEA.

While it’s a great place to shop for affordable furniture, appliances, housewares, and even a quick meatball lunch, IKEA Canada also has a ton of job openings across the country right now.

Roles have varying skill and experience requirements, but each job comes with benefits.

So whether you’re looking for an entry-level position or have your sights set on something higher up the ladder, chances are there’s an IKEA Canada job near you.

In fact, there are currently over 80 store openings across the country.

Some cities currently hiring include Richmond, Coquitlam, Calgary, Edmonton, Burlington, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Quebec, Boucherville and more.

Some of the jobs available that require a bit of experience include Unit People Planning Specialist, Sales Manager, and Forklift Driver.

Other roles that have little to no experience requirements include Kitchen Helper, Sales Co-worker, and Cashier.

Many stores also offer a general talent pool that IKEA stores draw on for all kinds of jobs. If you apply for the talent pool, you could be chosen for a job in sales, retail, food, warehouse or customer service.

Along with employment, IKEA Canada also offers pretty decent benefits.

They have “100% employer-paid benefits” for all employees, as well as a pension plan for people who have worked there for more than five years.

They also advertise performance-based bonuses and RRSP contributions for all their workers.

And perhaps most important of all, you can get a plate of Swedish meatballs in the cafeteria for $3-$4 when you work there. It’s almost worth finding a job there just for the meatballs!

If working for the furniture giant isn’t for you, other job opportunities in Canada are currently available.

Statistics Canada is in hiring right now and some jobs only require you to know how to use a computer.

If that’s not your bag, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service is also on the lookout, with some of these jobs paying $27 per hour.

IKEA Canada is hiring across Canada

Variable salary

Company: IKEA Canada

Who should apply: Anyone with some or no experience in retail, food, warehouse, customer service, sales and more.

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