How to write a CV as a real estate agent, according to 4 experts

  • Insider asked 4 real estate experts for their top tips for writing a real estate agent resume.
  • Broker Kris Lippi recommended starting with a brief summary of your successes and area of ​​expertise.
  • Also highlight your list price to sale price ratio and closing stats, says real estate agent Bill Gassett.

If you’re a real estate professional, making sure your resume stands out from other applicants is key to unlocking exciting new job opportunities in the popular industry.

“When you’re looking for realtor jobs, your CV is your first impression on recruiters, demonstrating your ability to play the role,” said Andrew Fennel, director of StandOut CV and a former recruiter for major companies including Deloitte. , EasyJet, Barclays and Mercedes, told Insider.

There are some rules of thumb that remain relevant for an industry-specific resume, Fennell said: Keep your resume to no more than two pages and make sure the format is clear, simple, and easy to read. In addition to essential information such as your experience and qualifications, Fennel added that it is also important to include all relevant license and registration details.

Insider spoke with Fennell and three other real estate professionals to ask for their top tips for those in the industry looking to update their professional real estate resume. Here is what they said.

1. Open with a brief summary of your accomplishments

Recruiters face a massive influx of applications for a job posting, so starting with a summary of your experience and accomplishments gives them a quick overview of your profile, says Kris Lippi, licensed real estate broker and CEO of ISoldMyHouse. .com.

“It creates a dedicated space to highlight information a recruiter needs to know,” Lippi said.

The number of years of experience you have should be included, along with any major professional accomplishments, said Bill Gassett, the founder of Maximum Real Estate Exposure who has been a realtor for more than 35 years. “If you’re an agent who works primarily with sellers, a homeowner or manager may be interested in stats such as the average days on market and the list price-to-sale price ratio of homes you’ve sold” , Gassett said. . “These statistics speak to the agent’s success in accurately pricing a home.”

Another important number to highlight is your number of transactions, especially if it is large. “The average real estate agent closes about 10 to 12 homes a year. If you’ve done an average of 25 transactions in your career, that should be highlighted,” Gassett said.

You should also show your main area of ​​interest or expertise. “For example, some agents excel at working with buyers, while others would rather be listing agents,” Gassett said. “Some agents have more in-depth skills, like working with new homes or being a specialist in short sales.”

2. Quantify your successes

Fennell emphasized that quantifying your accomplishments is key. “Real estate is a sales game, so don’t be afraid to shout those numbers at the top of your resume,” he said.

“Writing ‘reduces the property manager’s workload by 30%’ instead of just mentioning that you helped a property manager makes your resume more valuable,” said Samantha Odo, COO of Precondo, a real estate agency based in Toronto. focused on condo developments. It will “lock in the impression that you are capable and have a first-hand account of every task your past work experience involved,” Lippi added.

3. If you’re new to real estate, highlight other relevant experiences

If you’re looking to break into the real estate industry, mention other past jobs that required you to have skills similar to those of a real estate agent. An agent has to be great at sales, so if you’ve held a sales position in the past, highlight that experience by sharing details – for example, that you “increased sales by 15% in four months”, a said Odo.

Odo added that it is also acceptable to include volunteer work if it is relevant to the job. “If you have volunteered for the reconstruction of houses affected by a cyclone, you should mention it,” she said. “However, volunteering to raise funds for a care home might not be a relevant point.”

All the experts agreed that it’s a good idea to show your ties to the area. “Most landlords want an agent who will fit in well with their current agents and staff — someone who makes a positive impression on the community they serve,” Gassett said.

Overall, keep your resume simple, direct, and focused on your main accomplishments and areas of expertise.

Here’s an example of what a real estate CV should look like, provided by StandOut CV’s Andrew Fennell.

CV provided by Andrew Fennell of StandOut CV

An example of a winning resume for a mid-career real estate agent.

Provided by StandOut CV’s Andrew Fennell

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