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How much is the old Saints HC worth in 2022?

Sean Payton shocked the NFL by stepping down as head coach of the New Orleans Saints. He’s under contract until 2024, but has decided he’s ready for a new path in life.

This may make fans wonder how much money the head coach has earned throughout his coaching career. The head coaching contracts are private, but the terms still seem to be leaking.

Payton’s most recent contract would earn him around $13 million a year. That means he leaves around $40 million on the table to walk away from the team.

This implies that it is worth a lot of money to give up guaranteed wealth like that.

What is Sean Payton’s net worth?

New Orleans Saints vs. Atlanta Falcons
New Orleans Saints vs. Atlanta Falcons

The Celebrity Net Worth website lists Payton’s overall figure at $24 million. Considering his salary, the figure might even be a bit higher at this point.

So it’s safe to say he’s worth well over $20 million at a time when he’s stepping away from the NFL.

It’s generational wealth and it could mean he’s really done as NFL head coach. League teams would easily pay him over $10 million a year to run another franchise.

But if he’s living comfortably, money might not even matter at this point.

What awaits the accomplished head coach?

New Orleans Saints vs. Carolina Panthers
New Orleans Saints vs. Carolina Panthers

Payton has been linked to a job at FOX Sports for the past few weeks. This possibility arises if Troy Aikman leaves the network to accept a job at Amazon.

JUST IN: After 15 seasons in New Orleans, head coach Sean Payton has informed the Saints that he will “walk away” from the organization, per @RapSheet.On Sunday, @MMcCarthyREV reported that Payton is a candidate to join Fox Sports, should Troy Aikman run away for Amazon.

He would earn several million dollars in this role and would also only have to work during the actual NFL season. It can be a lot more appealing than going through the grueling yearly schedule of being NFL head coach again.

Payton could land one of the premier commentator jobs in sports and will likely have it for as long as he wants. He could even take a similar path to Jon Gruden, who spent years as an analyst before returning to the coaching ranks.

His agent will be sure to get calls inquiring about the coach’s interest in a variety of jobs. It should start immediately but a more likely scenario would be that he returns in a few years as he is contracted to the Saints until 2024.

He would need to be traded to land somewhere else before that.

Sean Payton is under contract until 2024 with the #Saints. If another team wanted to win, they would have to compensate New Orleans. But that’s a conversation for the upcoming offseason.…

He will be able to choose his next job, whether in television or in the ranks of NFL coaches. And when he lands a new gig, his net worth will only increase considering the demand surrounding his name.

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