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Google launches new training and education initiatives for National Small Business Week

In honor of National Small Business Week, which is being held this week (May 1-7) in the United States, Google today announced a new fellowship program to help businesses gain advanced knowledge in digital marketing, as well as a new certificate course in digital marketing and eCommerce, designed to address key skills gaps.

Which has become a key goal for many over the past two years.

As explained by Google:

Three in four U.S. small and medium businesses said they adopted digital tools during the pandemic created new opportunities for their business. And digitally advanced companies report 20x better customer acquisition rates. Still almost half (49%) of small businesses still lack the information and skills needed to use digital tools. »

To solve this problem, Google offers 500 scholarships for Google Career Certificates to train employees.

The scholarships, worth up to $100,000 in workforce training per company, will provide companies with an increased opportunity to train staff in key skills that will help them advance in the modern age. .

“Businesses can use Google Career Certificates to train their employees for jobs in data analytics, digital marketing and e-commerce, IT support, project management, or design experience (UX). No experience is required, and employees can earn an industry-recognized degree in three to six months of part-time study. For every scholarship we award, a company will earn abilities and, at the same time, an employee will develop new skills.”

Each certificate program can be completed as a part-time study, with Google estimating that each will take around 5-10 hours per week for 3-6 months.

The program is available until December 18, 2024 and will provide significant training opportunities to a range of businesses – although it is only available to American organizations at this point.

And for Google, it will also help promote its training programs and tools, with the initial components being free and then the add-on components requiring different levels of payment.

In addition to this, Google is also launching a new Digital Marketing and e-commerce certificatewhich is aimed more particularly at SMEs and at training small operators in good digital marketing practices.

According to the video, The course teaches digital marketing and e-commerce skills, including how to find customers, build an online store, measure and analyze, and more.

Classes are taught by Google employees who are subject matter experts, while learners will also gain hands-on experience with popular digital marketing and e-commerce tools and platforms, including Canva, Hootsuite, HubSpot, and Twitter, as well as Google’s own analytics. and advertising tools.

Although these courses are not free. Coursera, which runs the new Google Training, charges $39 per month after an initial 7-day free trial. Google says the certificate can typically be completed in less than 6 months, at less than 10 hours per week of part-time study, “meaning most learners can complete the certificate for less than $300.”‘.

These are a few useful initiatives, which address key areas of demand and will help businesses adapt to the challenges of the modern market, especially in the context of the growing interest in e-commerce, stimulated by the pandemic. .

And with our digital interactions set to become even more immersive, which will transform shopping even more, it’s worth making sure you’re up to date with the latest trends and changes, and ready for the next stage of your professionnal career.

You can read more about business training scholarships and Google’s digital marketing course here.

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