Five remote jobs that require little experience

If you’re looking for a remote job, but aren’t sure you have a resume that could land you something that requires specialized expertise, look no further. There are a large number of entry-level jobs that are also remote.

Administrative Assistant

Average salary: $19/hour

Assistants often take on crucial assignments that executives or managers are not able to take on.

Executive Account

Average salary: $87,575 or $94,176/year in commissions

A person in this position helps the business grow by increasing customer satisfaction and closing deals with new customers.

Call the center representative

Average salary: $17/hour

If you know how to talk to people and enjoy customer service, this position could be for you. Call center representatives often contact customers by phone to help them resolve any issues they may be having.

Accounts Payable Specialist

Average salary: $45,560/year

Good with numbers? This position is responsible for the financial processes of the companies. This includes accounting.

Recruitment Coordinator

Average salary: $62,290/year

A person in this role helps onboard colleagues or guides candidates through the interview process. They also schedule interviews.

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Youtuber SuperHumans Life talks about companies hiring for remote work with little experience required.

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