You are currently viewing European startups and scaleups recruiting right now

European startups and scaleups recruiting right now

You may have heard of the talent war or the Big resignation — a continuing trend where employees leave their jobs en masse, triggering a recruitment boom.

Hiring is harder than ever – but whether you’re already looking for a new job or just thinking about it, the Table of filtered jobs has a load of startups, scale-ups or European technology companies looking for new talent.

Although many are remote or flexible, we have listed the positions by country. You never know, your dream job might be waiting for you.


  • Airbnbthe ubiquitous vacation rental company, seeks to fulfill roles in London.
  • Learning about atomsa London-based e-learning platform for Key Stage 2 and high school, has open roles in London or remotely.
  • Busua London-based online community for language learning has many open positions. These include many in London and Madrid.
  • Collibra“the cloud of data intelligence”, has some positions open in London, from technical product managers to business intelligence analysts.
  • Cazooa London-based online car retailer, is looking for people to fill several roles all over the UK.
  • HSGa London-based content and consulting firm, is looking for a Remote Editor and Head of Client Services.
  • lantuma London-based health tech that helps doctors find the work they need and connect with other healthcare professionals, research writers, managers and engineers.
  • Bank of railsa London-based software company, is looking for people to fulfill roles in the capital.
  • Tenablea London-based software solution that has been “designed with frontline teams” is looking for a range of jobs to be full. Most are in London, but if you’re a full-stack developer based in Leeds, you’re in luck.
  • Tessiana London-based platform that protects employee emails, fulfills a lots of roles in London.
  • Voi Technologythe micro mobility startup that offers last-minute electric scooters, is recruit partners and managers in London. There are also a few open positions in Paris, including managers and the head of marketing.

You may have heard of the talent war or the big resignation — an ongoing trend of employees voluntarily resigning from their jobs, triggering a hiring boom.


  • Foresight CRMa Dublin-based software startup that helps clients “engage with customers better”, is hiring for a some rolesincluding project manager and solution architect.
  • Website creation platform square space is on the lookout for several new hires in its Dublin offices. From customer support to software engineering, look here.


  • Group Auto1a Berlin-based used car market, is recruiting for some roles in Paris. There is also an open role in Amsterdam.
  • Doctoliba Paris-based digital health platform has several open jobs in France and Germany, from internships to engineering staff.
  • eFoundersa Paris-based startup that invents, generates and tests business ideas for software-as-a-service (SaaS) products recruiting – and the startups he launched too.
  • Qontoa Paris-based fintech specializing in banking for businesses and the self-employed has positions in its technical team – as well as in products, growth and administration.
  • Miraclea French cloud-based e-commerce software company, is fulfill roles — from intern to accountant — in Paris. They also have an open role in London.
  • Selling powera cloud-based software company, has open roles in Paris for people qualified in sales accounting.
  • Expensesa Paris-based fintech platform that helps companies spend and track finances, needs engineers and more.
  • Untilrecruitment platform for salespeople and sales managers, is recruit throughout France. Positions in Paris include account manager and business developer.
  • French second-hand sales platform Communal changing room look for fulfill roles in Paris. This is primarily customer service and an internship.
  • wefoxGerman insurtech, is recruiting managers in Paris.


  • Factoriala human resources software for SMEs based in Barcelona, ​​recruiting in Barcelona and also looking to fill positions remotely.
  • TravelPerka Barcelona-based travel management platform, offers several positions.

Hiring is harder than ever – but whether you’re already looking for a new job or just thinking about it, the Table of filtered jobs has a load of startups, scale-ups or European technology companies looking for new talent.


  • at the farma Berlin-based startup that provides agricultural technology services for local grocery stores, restaurants and distribution centers, has a few open positions here.
  • Job Group Talenta digital recruitment platform located in Madrid has many roles In progress in Germany, the United Kingdom and Spain.
  • Medwinga Berlin-based healthcare recruiter, assures that all of its advertised positions are still vacant and will follow the recruitment process digitally. Discover his professions here.
  • Nobodya Munich-based human resource management software tool is looking to strengthen its team with some Berlin-based managers.
  • transmittera digital road logistics start-up based in Berlin, offers a wide range of positions: in growth, partner management, data analysis, engineering and much more.
  • commercial republicBerlin-based stock trading app recruits in engineering, finance, law and beyond.
  • xEdita container logistics platform based in Hamburg offers many vacancies, full time and part time.

The Netherlands

  • GitLab, a Utrecht-based platform for software developers to work better together on pieces of code, works remotely, even when no pandemic brings us all inside. He has a plethora of open positions.
  • MessageBirdan Amsterdam-based business communications startup, has multiple openings across various departments.
  • Picnicthe Amsterdam-based online supermarket, wants analysts, interns and engineers in Amsterdam, and a commercial lead in Paris.
  • Fasta London-based payments fintech is looking for some new employees who will be based in Amsterdam.


  • Dataikua software unicorn based in Paris, has a few roles available here.
  • Foggy, a synthetic data platform for financial institutions (including Nationwide and PwC), wants to fill some remote rolesas a Python software developer and machine learning engineer.
  • Onfidoa London-based digital identity platform is looking for new recruits remotelyfrom masters of machine learning to fanatics of finance.
  • Input forma Barcelona-based application software developer has a bunch of remote roles go, including researcher, developer and recruiter.

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