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E-Win Gaming Chair, Ergonomically Approved for Office and Home Office

As more and more employees choose to continue working remotely – or only accept jobs that offer remote working options, it’s more important than ever to ensure that the 8+ hour day that you spend seated are as comfortable and ergonomic as possible. Enter the E-WIN Champion Series chair.

E-Win Champion Gaming Chair

Priced at $359 at the time of this writing, this series of chairs is priced between the low and mid-range for ergonomic gaming chairs, but this one is definitely worth it. Boasting a 155 degree recline, memory foam cushion and a 400lb weight limit, it’s hard to beat the comfort at this price. It should also be noted that the E-WIN has an XL line specially designed for larger users with a maximum weight of just under 600 lbs.

The Champion Series chair has so many different color possibilities that you are sure to find your favorite color in the range. You also have a choice of PU leather and a piece of soft woven fabric to choose from. The seat is made of cold-cured foam, similar to memory foam, and is slightly harder or sturdier and retains its shape for long periods of time.

The E-Win features sturdy wheels, padded and adjustable armrests, and a removable lumbar support cushion and neck pillow. The lumbar support is my all time favorite and the reason I chose this chair – it just makes it better. However, I never imagined the neck support would be so great.

E-win chair
E-win chair

Assemble this beauty

Right off the bat I was a little confused as the instructions were in Spanish and the pictures were for a different chair model than mine. However, looking online, I’m pretty sure I got the Knight series instructions. That being said, the chair was simple to put together, nothing too surprising or confusing. In total, it took about 15 minutes to screw and unscrew the parts to fit together and make sure everything worked as it should.

Probably half that time was spent looking up the English instructions to make sure I was doing it correctly – and seriously, you don’t really need instructions – it’s pretty self-explanatory.

try my new love

Once it was put together I was shocked at how comfortable it was. Officially the E-WIN chairs are known to be very gamer focused, but I’ve used these chairs myself in the office and for office work at home – then turned around and played the PC after hours, and I can safely say that I enjoyed the chair for everything uses.

I was initially a bit concerned that the white on black logo would be too much, since most of my surrounding furniture is minimalist. However, I’m happy to say that those fears were unfounded – my head usually covers the logo and it’s not noticeable when the chair is hidden under the desk.

The chair looks and feels great, and the pillows are relatively comfortable for someone who spends more than 10 hours a day sitting in the chair. The lumbar cushion and neck pillow are easily adjustable or even removable if they’re not your jam, although I felt the high-density cushion is exceptionally nice to lean on.

EWin Game Series
EWin Game Series

The best

Perhaps the biggest thing that impressed me was the chair’s ability to recline. Seriously, you can almost reach 180 degrees lying down (155 degrees to be exact). As someone who prefers the ability to recline and adjust without wasting time, this chair did not fail to impress. It’s comfortable and easy to adjust, and lying down is a great new feature for me.

The worst

Leaning forward led to some frustration. The chair was designed to lie down, which it does very well. But if you lean too far forward over the edge of the chair, the whole chair will be come with you. As you know, most office chairs have this same problem.

My biggest issue with the chair is the higher seat height than you might expect, even at its lowest setting. For me that’s not a problem at 5’6″ tall, but a bit of a different story for people using my chair who is 5’3″ – 5’4″.

While the website says the chair is for users 5′ 3” to 6′ 1” a person’s feet are not fully resting on the floor at the lowest setting, and that person is I am a few inches longer than the shorter E-WIN recommends.

Whoever uses my chair next to me says, “I personally like to be perched slightly with a yoga block or similar tool under my feet to help me move my legs – so the height of the seat is not not a big deal for me.” But it may be worth noting for those facing vertical challenges.


  • Low to medium price compared to similar
  • 155 degree tilt
  • Soft PU leather
  • Comfortable foam seat
  • Adjustable back and neck cushion

The inconvenients

  • Lower seat height can be raised for shorter users
  • No option for genuine leather

Final Thoughts

Overall, I was surprised at the quality of this chair, especially considering the price. I’ve only had it for a few months, but it’s held up perfectly to all the abuse of over 10 hours a day of use, constant movement, constant adjustments and constant dizziness “oh cool, I can watch the elongated TV”.

The adjustability and ergonomic design of the E-Win gaming chair make it the overall champion (pun intended) among chairs. A great thing about our office is that we’re a tech magazine – and now, in the office – we look high-tech. You will love this chair.

Deanna Ritchie

Deanna Ritchie

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