Casa Bonita is open but no walk-ins are allowed. Here’s how to enter

This is the moment people in Colorado and beyond have been eagerly awaiting. For the first time since 2020, Casa Bonita is open, but there is only one way to enter…

Happy birthday to Kyle from South Park, Casa Bonita style!

Casa Bonita in Denver, Colorado is now open. Here’s how to enter

Colorado is known for many things, good and bad. One of the things that could be on either list, depending on who you ask, is Casa Bonita. Once part of a chain of entertainment restaurants, which began in Oklahoma City in 1968, the now famous Casa Bonita opened in Denver, Colorado in 1974. Through various ownership changes over the years, the Denver restaurant continued to operate until the coronavirus pandemic. of 2020 forced the restaurant to close its doors. From there, Casa Bonita finally filed for bankruptcy in April 2021, and the future for this historic landmark looked extremely bleak. That is, until two heroes from “South Park, Colorado” arrive to save the day…

South Park’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone Buy Casa Bonita

In August 2021, it was announced that Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who are the creators of “South Park”, had purchased and would reopen the popular Colorado landmark that their show had made relevant again, after doing an entire episode at this topic years ago. In the video below, the South Park Boys announced in December that the reopening would take place this month, May 2023.

Well folks, after guessing exactly when this legendary Colorado favorite would reopen to the public, we got the email notification we’ve all been waiting for today, just in time for the holiday long weekend. If you signed up for email updates on, you should have received this email today…

Screenshot of Casa Bonita’s email

Screenshot of Casa Bonita’s email

There are so many people trying to register that I keep getting this error message…

Screenshot from

Screenshot from

They also posted the message on their official Instagram…

While many have publicly stated that they will be queuing for days to be the first to enter, this is the right choice. There will be bugs to work out and you will have to control crowds in some way. If they had just opened the doors to anyone, the lines and crowds would probably have been out of control. Remember the 1 p.m. wait for In-N-Out when it opened in Colorado? I imagine it would be much worse than that for this historic reopening. Our friends at 9News were able to check out an exclusive preview and posted these videos.

Try signing up for their mailing list here and good luck, as this Colorado staple will be a hugely popular destination all summer long, as it should be. Casa Bonita is back, Babe.

BTS: See Colorado’s Famous Casa Bonita Like You’ve Never Done Before

Take a virtual guided behind-the-scenes tour of Colorado’s most famous Mexican restaurant, Casa Bonita.

Virtual tour of Casa Bonita

Casa Bonita is an iconic restaurant in Denver and is probably the most famous restaurant in Colorado. The atmosphere is what makes Casa Bonita such a great experience with its maze of dining rooms and special features. While that’s true, most people don’t go there for the food – they go for the fun, the memories, and the experience. If you are one of the unfortunate people who have never experienced Casa Bonita in person, I invite you to take a mini virtual tour of this famous Colorado restaurant.

Live the dream with these awesome jobs at Colorado’s Casa Bonita

After a long wait, Colorado’s legendary Casa Bonita is about to reopen. As you can imagine, it’s going to take an incredible crew to power this engine.

Right now, March 20, 2023, Casa Bonita is hosting an online job fair. They are looking for the right people to fill a number of critical roles. Is this the kind of concert you were looking for? They hire people for positions ranging from assistant general manager to busseurs.

The gallery below includes a number of specific positions they are looking to fill. The gallery includes the job title, salary, and a brief, to very brief, description of the job and the responsibilities associated with it. For more information, see the Casa Bonita career page.

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