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Brandon Tourism launches new initiative to attract remote workers –

Brandon Tourism has launched a new initiative in a bid to attract remote workers – this through an online initiative that shares community ‘hubs’ for those working remotely from almost any location with access to internet.

Yolo Nomads is an organization that helps remote workers experience life in lesser-known communities away from “tourist” hotspots. Yolo Nomads is also about helping small communities take advantage of the boom in remote work.

“We felt this was an opportunity for us to position ourselves as a potential destination for remote workers,” said Lanny Stewart, director of marketing and communications for Brandon Tourism. “We have partnered with Yolo Nomads to position the city of Brandon as an ideal destination for professionals looking to relocate to the city.”

“YOLO is an acronym for ‘You Only Live Once’, while a nomad is defined as a person who has no fixed residence and moves from place to place. It is increasingly becoming more evident – especially after the peak of COVID-19 – that many companies (especially in large urban markets, such as Toronto and Vancouver, where renting office space can be quite expensive) are realizing that ‘they don’t necessarily need to invest in it, giving the employee more freedom,’ explains Stewart.

“According to data scientists at Ladders, a job search website, 25% of jobs in North America will be remote by the end of 2022, and the number will continue to rise. With that in mind, Brandon now has a hub located on the Yolo Nomads website with the primary purpose of enticing the remote worker to consider living in the city for a while. The hub includes activities, sights, arts, culture and festivals, day trips near the city, dining options and rentals that redirect people to apartment rental sites in the city,” he added.

“We are excited about this partnership and the potential benefits to the city and region,” shares Stewart.

“Nomads look for places off the beaten path,” said Luke Panek, director of Yolo Nomads. “They want to experience places that offer incredible culture, day trips, and the amenities needed to live the digital nomad lifestyle. Brandon fits that description. It’s not an overly large city market where it takes someone an hour to get home. It is a perfect destination for a potential nomad.

Brandon’s hub on can be found here.

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