You are currently viewing Antonio Brown’s NFL controversies cost him his net worth and he could have had so much more

Antonio Brown’s NFL controversies cost him his net worth and he could have had so much more

Former NFL player Antonio Brown played for various teams including the Tampa Bay Buccaneers which helped him earn a lot of money over the years. However, he might have an even higher net worth if he doesn’t get into a massive number of controversies.

Celebrity Net Worth was last reported to be worth $20 million during his more than two-decade football career.

His contracts with the NFL were worth $77 million – from the Steelers to the Raiders, Patriots and Buccaneers. Forbes in 2017 even named the player among the highest paid athletes in the world at $31.9 million.

He even landed in fourth place on Dancing with the stars in 2016, then Facebook paid him six figures just to create content. He also has brand deals with big names, like Nike and Pepsi.

However, Brown hasn’t been paid in full in regards to his outstanding deal with the Oakland Raiders. He was expected to receive one of the best deals in the game, including a $30 million signing bonus, before several verbal altercations with team management in 2019.

The bonus was lost as Brown made a quick trade to the New England Patriots. More controversy followed.

A sex offense charge, within weeks, cost him an estimated $10 million for an “action that seriously damages public respect or is materially critical of club ownership and coaches.”

Even his last contract with the Bucs was not fully honoured, after he left the field in January earlier this year. He accused club staff of forcing him to play through injury. The move is estimated to have put him short by at least another million dollars.

And that hardly sheds light on the other fines Brown has had to pay for his actions on the ground. In 2018, he was benched and fined by the Steelers when he threw a ball at teammate Ben Roethlisberger.

In August 2019, he was fined $40,000 for missing the Raiders’ preseason training camp and $13,950 for not attending the team tour.

Now that football is behind him, Brown is continuing his music career at full throttle and was recently spotted rapping at the Miami festival, Rolling Loud. He garnered a mixed response and the jury is still out on his new profession. Her performance, however, went viral for a dance move.

His music earnings haven’t yet factored into his total net worth, but at least he won’t have to worry about breaking league rules in this new chapter.

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