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Amid teacher shortage, Oklahoma schools are bringing in cops as substitutes

Facing a chronic shortage of teachers and staff due to the spread of COVID-19 infections, Moore Public Schools in Oklahoma has called in police to oversee classes at three elementary schools. The Moore Police Department announced their involvement in a social media post.

“Moore PD is a proud community partner of Moore Public Schools. This week, several duty officers are in the classroom as schools continue to face teacher and staff shortages. Today Officers Stromski and Lewis covered the 6th grade classrooms at Apple Creek Elementary. Additional officers serve Houchin and Broadmoore. We are grateful to be able to help our community in these difficult times. »

Police in Moore, Oklahoma are supervising students at Apple Creek Elementary School to fill staffing shortages. (Credit: Moore Police Department)

In the attached photos from the post, unmasked officers in uniform can be seen presiding over students doing virtual homework at their desks. In one of the images, an unmasked officer is seated at a desk with a cup with a large ‘Q’ on it, a symbol associated with the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory, although some posters say it was of the missing teacher’s initial. Either way, parents and teachers overwhelmingly commented on the inappropriate and irresponsible decision to bring police into schools.

“To protect and to serve? Scandalous and infuriating. How dare you! Unmasked and armed to teach small children. Not physically or emotionally safe. No appropriate. And a horrible role model for children during a pandemic. Not only that, but these cops are literally putting human lives at risk, including their own. Absolutely disgusting,” one parent said.

“What are you going to do when all the police have COVID? Because unless the teachers attended some very intimate parties during their off hours that no one knows anything about, I think the whole ‘teaching in close proximity to students’ might be the reason they’re all sick first,” another parent commented.

“As a teacher who caught Covid at school and was sick last week, I am appalled to see these agents being unmasked in the classroom,” a teacher said.


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