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Posted September 24, 2022 Updated September 24, 2022 11:21 a.m. CDT

There are countless stories of professionals who work online who say they were unfairly passed over for a promotion, sometimes losing their advancement in the workplace to an outside hire.

TikToker Daniela (@wfhdani) recently went viral after she shared a sample sheet she uses every week to create her promotion package to increase her chances of success.

Although promotion processes vary from company to company, it is generally believed that people who invest the time and energy in developing promotional packages for themselves that highlight their achievements at work are more likely to secure a higher place in the corporate ladder than those who do not.

If someone is a high performer at work and handles a variety of different tasks, especially in difficult times, you have a clear record of that. Also, if someone typically has a lot to do, it can be difficult to accurately catalog everything they do. A promotion package demonstrates meticulousness on the part of the employee, showing that you can still provide valuable metrics while juggling your day-to-day operations, which would be a big talking point rooted in evidence while laying out your case for a promotion.

@wfhdani #stitch with @acnugs watch the original creators video which explains in more detail why you need to do this. #salary #wfh #tech #tech #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Work from home Dani

She posted the clip as a stitched response to fellow TikTok user @acnugs’ post, which says, “You need to keep a diary of everything you do” at work.

Daniela adds to the creator’s sentiment, noting that it’s useful for promotions. “You have to track every accomplishment, any other side project that you do to show your manager and I’ll show you the model that my manager uses for our one-on-ones,” she says.

It then shows an example of the model. “We will focus on several of them. So, what are my victories, what am I most proud of? said Daniela. “Sometimes when I don’t fill it in, my manager even tells me to fill it in. That way she even told me that when it comes to creating my promotion package, she can just go back and copy-paste all these achievements.”

“It also goes to what I focused on last week, what I’m focusing on, building that up is so valuable because it shows your manager that you’re proactive and all the things that you do,” he adds. she. “Sometimes I feel a bit silly about the things I put out there and sometimes it becomes a really fruitful conversation with my manager.”

Daniela concludes the video by encouraging professionals to “track your progress as if your promotion depended on it.”

Daniela’s video also hits on another highlight. She effectively facilitates her manager’s job by advocating for his promotion when the time comes.

TikTokers have added their own ideas and suggestions in the comments section that could help boost anyone’s promotion package.

“Also create a folder called positive feedback and archive every email with compliments!!!” a viewer suggested.

“Also have an incident book!!!! Dates and times when managers/colleagues wronged you!! another wrote.

“I did that for each internship and I always had a return offer! having a tangible, written impact goes so far,” said a third.

Some even said it’s a great way to make sure you have up-to-date documents to enhance your CV if you’re looking for a new job.

“It’s also a good way to keep track of work done for a quick resume update lol aka me rn stressful,” said one user.

Some TikTokers thought all that extra correspondence was ultimately too much work.

“I’m exhausted,” confirmed a viewer.

“What is a promotion???” for a second joked

“You all got promo packages? lmao what,” another TikToker wrote.

For the most part, however, fellow platform users appreciated Daniela’s post and said they would use a similar approach in their own work to improve their chances of career advancement.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Daniela via email for further comment.


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*First published: September 24, 2022, 11:20 a.m. CDT

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