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9 Best Micro Job Sites to Earn Extra Money

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Some micro jobs don’t pay much, but they usually don’t take long to complete. These jobs can be ideal for those looking to earn money with a side gig during short free periods in an otherwise busy schedule. They can also help micro workers learn and add new skills to a resume.

Here is a look at some of the best micro job sites to earn extra money.

What are micro jobs?

Micro jobs involve temporary work doing small tasks, or micro-tasks, for a fee per assignment. Micro jobs can include online or in-person opportunities. Tasks include data entry, graphic design work, virtual assistant role, small handyman jobs, errands or other tasks.

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9 Best Micro Job Sites

Job microsites can vary widely in the type and amount of work offered. Micro-workers may wish to apply on several of the following sites to increase their chances of getting a micro-job.

1. Click on the worker

Clickworkers choose from a variety of data-driven tasks, such as SEO, surveys, and transcription.

Standout Feature: For micro workers who love collaboration, this micro job aggregator has a community forum called the Clickworker Lounge where users can seek advice or feedback from others.

  • Advantages: Clickworkers set their own schedule and receive payment for completed projects every two weeks.
  • The inconvenients: Clickworkers must meet minimum payout requirements to withdraw money and receive compensation.

To monitor : The app often offers different jobs than those available on the online platform, so it may be worth checking both to find opportunities.

2. Swagbucks

Take surveys or shop online through Swagbucks to earn points that you can redeem for gift cards.

Standout Feature: The platform has been around since 2008 and has proven its legitimacy by paying over $740 million to members since its inception.

  • Advantages: New users receive a $10 sign-up bonus, and Swagbucks offers users many different ways to earn gift cards.
  • The inconvenients: 100 Swagbucks points are only worth $1, so it takes time to accumulate enough points to get a gift card that’s worth a lot.

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To monitor : Many users have filed complaints about lack of customer service regarding payment issues.


OneSpace offers legitimate micro job opportunities for freelance graphic designers, transcriptionists, business writers and more.

Standout Feature: OneSpace lists over 20 languages ​​on their independent app.

  • Advantages: Freelancers are paid daily for approved work on the platform.
  • The inconvenients: Consistent work may not be available for some freelancers.

To monitor : OneSpace applicants will need to upload a resume to be considered for jobs.

4. Fifth

Fiverr offers freelance work for a wide variety of skills.

Standout Feature: Users can sell services in over 200 different categories on the platform and set their own prices.

  • Advantages: According to Fiverr, a gig is bought every four seconds on the platform, so there are plenty of opportunities to find work.
  • The inconvenients: Fiverr keeps 20% of the revenue, and new users may find it difficult to compete for jobs against established users.

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To monitor : Customers can request free samples for the purpose of avoiding paying for projects.


With ySense, users can take surveys for cash and find cash offers to try products, download apps and more.

Standout Feature: By referring friends to join ySense, users can earn a commission of up to 30% of what their referrals earn.

  • Advantages: Trustpilot’s reviews on the platform indicate that ySense responds quickly and fixes user issues related to using the platform and paying.
  • The inconvenients: Surveys and offers are not always available on the platform.

To monitor : There are many reasons why a person may not receive payment for taking a survey or may be disqualified from taking surveys altogether.

6. Zeerk

Freelancers can earn money by offering a wide range of services on this platform.

Standout Feature: Publishing services on Zeerk is free.

  • Advantages: The platform only keeps 75 cents of every $5 paid to new freelancers.
  • The inconvenients: Because so many people on Zeerk are selling services for as little as $4 to $10, it can be hard to make a lot of money on this platform.

To monitor : The platform withholds payment until the client approves the project, so it may take several revisions and take time for a freelancer to receive payment for some projects.

7. PeoplePerHour

Since 2007, this trusted platform has connected over a million customers to freelancers with skills ranging from music to programming and more.

Standout Feature: Users set their own prices for their services.

  • Advantages: Freelancers can bid on jobs and post offers for jobs they can complete.
  • The inconvenients: Freelancers advertise jobs, so the competition can be tough.

To monitor : New freelancers pay much higher fees per job to use the platform than established ones.

8. TaskRabbit

This platform is ideal for those who want to get paid for doing tasks that don’t involve computer work, like running errands, doing home repair tasks, and assembling furniture.

Standout Feature: With so many micro-tasks performed from a computer, TaskRabbit offers those who prefer to go out and work in person more opportunities.

  • Advantages: Taskers keep 100% of their own fares plus tips.
  • The inconvenients: There is a $25 registration fee for Taskers in some cities.

To monitor : Some Taskers must submit business verifications to perform certain tasks.

9. Respondent

Respondent connects business professionals – from marketing experts to business owners – with researchers conducting studies.

Standout Feature: The platform is purpose-built for professionals and connects microworkers with brands like IBM, Microsoft, and Intuit.

  • Advantages: Platform users can schedule when to take surveys to make sure they stick to their schedules.
  • The inconvenients: Users must consent to background checks to receive certain jobs.

To monitor : Some projects require an initial qualification survey for which participants are not compensated.


Micro jobs don’t always pay a lot, but many can easily fit into a busy schedule as a source of extra cash.

When signing up for a job platform, microworkers need to figure out how the jobs are paid and how much the platform keeps. Microworkers should be sure to watch out for scam sites and never sign up for a site that requires a signup fee unless research reveals the site to be legit.


Here are quick answers to common questions about micro jobs.

  • What is a microtask job?
    • Micro jobs are a type of work that can usually be done online or in person in a short time. Micro-workers generally earn pay per completed micro-task.
  • How to get a micro job?
    • Several online job microsites provide online and in-person opportunities for all types of skilled and unskilled workers.
  • How much money can you earn as a micro-worker?
    • Micro jobs can pay as little as pennies to $60 or more. There aren’t enough job opportunities for most micro-workers to earn a full-time income, but micro-jobs can be a good scramble for an extra source of cash.

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