You are currently viewing 7 remote jobs in Vancouver where you can work from home and they don’t require a degree

7 remote jobs in Vancouver where you can work from home and they don’t require a degree

Working from home has some serious benefits, like wearing pajamas all day.

If you are in Vancouver and looking for a job, there are some great companies hiring remote workers. No diploma? No problem.

These seven remote jobs hiring in Vancouver don’t even require a degree and you can work from the comfort of your couch.

Some even offer great benefits, such as a budget for the purchase of work equipment, stock options and health care.

If you’re looking for a career change, these jobs can boost your future in some interesting industries – so apply fast!

Email Marketing Coordinator

Company: Article

Who should apply: Do you have a talent for interior design? This is the perfect job to get your foot in the door of the industry. You will work for the famous digital furniture brand, creating their email branding campaigns.

They offer some very attractive benefits, such as stock options in the company, and a minimum experience is required to apply.

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Social Media Strategist

Salary: $20 per hour

Company: Flashed

Who should apply: If you love social media and shopping (who doesn’t?), this gig might be for you. The position requires you to support all social media for the slow fashion shopping app.

You get flexible hours, stock options, and the flexibility to work wherever you want, as long as you maintain a British Columbia address.

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Member of the customer experience team

Company: AromaTech Inc.

Who should apply: This company’s headquarters are in Vancouver, so you’ll be close to where the magic happens. In this role, you will support the customers of the essential oil and aroma oil blending company.

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Events and Marketing Coordinator

Salary: $18 per hour

Company: EMM Creative Arts Co.

Who should apply: This is a boutique creative agency – the perfect place to work for a passionate creative. You will work remotely to plan and coordinate events, but you will need to be available to attend onsite on certain dates.

This role will give you a ton of experience in the event planning industry and allow you to work in the field.

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Customer Service Representative

Salary: $16 per hour

Company: Canada Drives

Who Should Apply: This company allows people to buy cars online, which is quite innovative. In this role, you will review applications and communicate with clients. Basically, you will be the face of the company.

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Human Operations Coordinator

Company: Electronic Arts

Who should apply: This position is here to help support the team at all levels of the large tech company. Electronic Arts is a gaming technology company – so if you’re a gamer, it might be worth applying.

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Client Service Representative, RBC Advice Center

Company: Royal Bank of Canada

Who should apply: This job is only temporarily remote, but can get you into a big company with plenty of room for growth. In this role, you will deal directly with customers and assist them with any issues.

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