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7 Great Companies That Hire Hundreds of Employees in Canada and Offer Awesome Perks

Job seekers, pay attention! There are tons of companies hiring in Canada right now and a lot of positions don’t require years of work experience.

Not only is it easy to apply for many of these job openings in Canada, but many companies also offer great benefits to their employees.

Some of the positions are in industries like banking, retail, customer service, and more, and all of them are jobs that offer awesome employee benefits.

So whether you’re looking to change things completely or find a new part-time job, these companies are all great places to send your resume.


Looking to drive a car in a little brown outfit? If you’re not, you’re really not living. Or maybe you are.

UPS is looking for employees nationwide in almost every major city, and the company offers private medical insurance, pension, and more to many of its employees.

There are hundreds of jobs outside of delivery, so if you’re opposing brown, you’re out of luck!

Variable salary

Company: UPS

Who should apply: Anyone with some or no experience in delivery warehouses, customer service, sales and more.

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If warehouse work and delivery aren’t for you, CIBC is also hiring for tons and tons of positions.

And a bunch of them don’t require much experience.

In customer relations alone, there are more than 800 openings, with dozens and dozens in other categories ripe for the picking.

Add to that the fact that as of 2021, the benefits are sufficient to cover medical, dental and life insurance, in addition to being one of the best employers in the country, and you have a great opportunity.

Variable salary

Company: CIBC

Who should apply: Anyone with experience or interest in sales, customer service, finance and financial services,

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Home deposit

If you’re feeling more handy or just want to work in a giant warehouse, there are currently hundreds of job openings at The Home Depot.

Roles such as salesperson, head cashier, and plumbing associate are all open nationwide.

And The Home Depot offers all of its employees “a full-value benefits package,” which varies depending on whether you’re full-time or part-time, hourly paid or salaried.

Plus, those orange shirts are kind of fitting.

Variable salary

Company: Home Depot

Who should apply: Anyone looking to work in customer service, sales, warehouse work, construction and more.

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Lowe’s Canada

Here’s another hardware store that’s looking for people across the country.

Lowe’s is currently looking to fill almost every type of role imaginable and many of them require absolutely no prior experience.

With jobs opening in head offices, distribution centers and stores, there is something for everyone.

The company offers eligible employees a set of benefit plans, with health coverage that includes prescriptions, dental, vision care and more.

Variable salary

Company: Lowe’s Canada

Who should apply: People who want to work in sales, customer service, distribution and more.

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This clothing retailer has put yoga pants on the map, and they might put money in your wallet (in exchange for work).

There are over 400 Canadian openings at lululemon right now, including a bunch of openings in their retail stores for people who might have some experience in relevant roles.

No matter where you work in the company, lululemon offers pay equity, extended health plans, paid time off, and more to its employees.

Variable salary

Company: lululemon

Who should apply: Anyone with experience and a passion for retail, sales, market analysis and fashion.

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If you prefer to bank at a bank, Scotiabank is currently hiring over 2,000 jobs.

They range from beginner to highly specialized and there really are more than you could even list. In fact, almost every province has an opening.

The deal is a bit sweeter after the bank announced a $10,000 mental health coverage plan for some employees, along with benefits like a retirement plan.

Variable salary

Company: Scotiabank

Who should apply: Anyone with experience in customer service, banking, finance and more.

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IKEA Canada

Hey Canada! This Swedish furniture retailer is currently strengthening its worker base across the country.

There are positions available at all levels, and they have even taken pools where you can put your name and be chosen for any number of entry-level positions in the company.

To top things off, you can get health benefits, plus a discount on those iconic Swedish meatballs.

Variable salary

Company: IKEA Canada

Who should apply: Anyone with some experience (or none) in sales, warehousing, food, customer service, etc.

Apply here

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