You are currently viewing 7 Google jobs in Canada you can apply for right now, even if you don’t have a degree

7 Google jobs in Canada you can apply for right now, even if you don’t have a degree

Are you looking for a change? Right now, there are a bunch of Google jobs in Canada up for grabs and in some cases, you don’t even need a degree to apply.

In recent months, big companies like Meta, Google and Amazon have been hiring in Canada and offering high salaries to encourage talented people to apply.

While you may think a degree is essential for applying for jobs as a software developer, account executive, or research intern, that’s not necessarily always true.

In fact, Google is currently hiring Canadians in places like Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver and more, and the company says it will accept relevant experience in lieu of graduate school for some positions. There are even remote roles available.

If you have not attended college or have not yet gained relevant experience in these specific fields, there are also many other opportunities available in Canada at this time.

This includes jobs at Costco that pay up to $70,000, high-paying jobs with the Government of Canada, and remote jobs at Lululemon that will allow you to work from anywhere.

Here’s a look at some of the Google jobs currently on offer across the country and what you’ll need to consider.

Software developer, early career

Location: Waterloo, ON

Who should apply: If you’re new to software development but looking for a stepping stone to something bigger, this “early career” role might be perfect for you.

Google is looking for people who have the interest and ability to learn coding languages ​​as needed.

In this position, responsibilities include working on specific projects with the business, designing, developing and improving software, and managing deadlines.

A degree is not necessary if you have the equivalent hands-on experience, the expectation being at least one year of software development experience.

You will also need to know programming with C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Go and/or Python.

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Account Manager, Retail

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Who should apply: Account managers at Google are responsible for helping partners grow their brands around the world.

The company says this means working as a team to drive brand growth by developing relationships, monitoring business performance and more.

A degree is not required to apply, but rather you will need practical and relevant experience. This includes knowledge of business development, client relations and working in a large organization.

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Brand and Reputation Manager

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Who should apply: To be on hand to land this exciting opportunity, you will need extensive experience in marketing, brand management and/or corporate social responsibility.

The job involves working with a cross-functional team across multiple departments to build stories, launch programs, and create marketing campaigns to bring Google initiatives to life.

A degree is an asset rather than a requirement, but be prepared to show that you have years of relevant exchange experience.

Although that sounds like a lot, you can expect a lot of money in return!

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Manager, Global Communications

Location: Montreal, QC

Who should apply: Bilingual Canadians, please stand up! In this Montreal-based job, the employee would work across multiple departments to communicate Google’s goals to the media.

Your job would be to “discover unique opportunities for Quebec storytelling to highlight local talent and Google’s presence in Quebec”, as well as engage with journalists and commentators by acting as an official spokesperson.

Candidates will need plenty of hands-on experience if they don’t have a degree, including around six years of experience in a business, media, technology, or nonprofit environment.

The ability to speak and write in French and English is essential.

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Video account manager

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Who should apply: If you have several years of experience in business development, client relations and the advertising industry, this could be the opportunity for you.

Your job would be to provide “Google-caliber” customer service, research and market analysis while working with key clients to bring their advertising vision to life.

The company says you’ll be able to work alongside some of the world’s biggest advertisers and agencies “to develop digital solutions that build businesses and brands.”

A degree is not required, but if you don’t have one, you will need to prove that you are armed with years of relevant experience and previous education.

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software developer

Location: various places

Who should apply: This role is for someone who knows how to write product or system development code, review code developed by others, participate in design reviews with peers, and adapt content to suit product and program updates.

If that sounds like you, you can work from an office in Montreal or Waterloo or from home if you prefer.

Minimum qualifications are a bachelor’s degree or equivalent practical experience, with at least two years of experience in software development and the like.

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Google Intern

Location: various places

Who should apply: Although you don’t need to have graduated to have a chance at this role, you will need to be an eligible student.

Jobs such as software development intern, research intern, and student researcher all require applicants to be enrolled in a relevant and relevant bachelor’s degree program.

There are opportunities for students in different parts of the country, although most still require some sort of specific work experience.

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