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6 Remote Jobs Are Hiring In Vancouver And They Don’t Even Require A Degree

If you’ve been looking for a new job by all means but don’t feel like getting out of bed, you don’t have to!

These remote jobs hiring in Vancouver right now will have you staying under the covers, or rolling out of bed and taking a short trip to your laptop.

Plus, these jobs don’t even require a degree, so if that was something that was holding you back, now you can breathe a sigh of relief.

It might be time to brush up on the resume and start applying for those jobs to land that work-from-home job of your dreams and start making moola.

Social Media Intern (Paid)

Company: Girlboss

Who should apply: This part-time remote job could be a great gig for all social media enthusiasts. The position requires you to perform some social media duties for modern media company Girlboss.

No degree is required for this role – although you must be a pro at writing subtitles!

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Company: Futureland Education Inc.

Who should apply: TK is looking for tutors to teach secondary school subjects. If you have previous tutoring experience and are passionate about a certain subject, you may want to consider applying for this position.

Tutoring from a remote work environment is an option for this job and no degree is required.

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Customer information clerk

Salary: $4,162 per month

Company: Coast Mountain Bus Company Ltd

Who should apply: This on-call position can be on-site or remote, so if you like a change, this could be a great option. Plus, if you have prior customer service experience, you’ll already be a step ahead. This job will require you to listen to and deal with complaints about Lower Mainland transit service.

No diploma is required to win this concert.

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Email/SMS Marketing Specialist

Salary: $4,500 to $6,000 per month

Company: Aplo Group

Who should apply: Aplo Group is looking for someone with previous e-commerce marketing experience to help with marketing strategies and business design.

No diploma is required to obtain this remote position.

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Content Writer

Salary: $23 per hour

Company: Local Leads Co.

Who should apply: This part-time position would probably be ideal for creative minds. If you enjoy writing and have previous experience, this job might be for you.

Plus, everything is remote, no degree is required, and you can get paid a decent amount for the articles you post!

Apply here

administrative assistant

Salary: $40,000 per year

Company: Canada Drives

Who should apply: If you’re passionate about cars and good at collaborating with other teams, you might enjoy this role. You will be able to assist with vehicle applications, prepare contracts and review insurance quotes.

This remote job requires no degree and will provide on-the-job training.

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