3 DIY mistakes to avoid | Home and garden guide

Homeowners take pride when they successfully complete do-it-yourself (DIY) projects on their home. In addition to saving homeowners money, DIY projects offer men and women a unique way to personally connect with their homes.

As fun and rewarding as DIY projects can be, they can also be nerve-wracking and anxiety-inducing. When DIY projects fail, fixing them can be costly, as homeowners usually have to hire contractors to fix their mistakes and get a project back on track. This leads to additional labor and material costs that could have been avoided, especially for homeowners trying to avoid some common DIY mistakes.

Failure to obtain permits. Even if the owners own their house, that does not mean that they have carte blanche to do with it what they want. Many renovation projects require homeowners to obtain permits before projects can begin. Some may even require additional permits as projects progress. If the proper permits are not obtained, owners can be fined and projects can be canceled regardless of how much the owners have spent up to that point. Before starting a home improvement project, homeowners should always contact their local permit office to determine if permits are required. Bankrate.com notes that permits are often required for any project larger than painting or wallpapering.

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